Short Term Loans: Could They Save Your Business?

No-one likes to have to borrow money. Debt is something we would all avoid if we had the chance. However, business debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, businesses (small and big) need an extra nudge in the right direction. The decision to take on a business loan shouldn’t be a light one, but there […]

Enemies of SEO: The 3 Worst Things You can Do For Your Search Engine Visibility

“Oh no!”, You’re probably thinking, “Not another article on SEO!”. It’s true that articles on search engine optimization are proliferate among business sites, and while SEO has become a ubiquitous buzzword (or buzz-acronym to be super specific) every day entrepreneurs are actively damaging their search engine visibility through poor choices. Business owners are conditioned to […]

Tips to Turn Your Visitors into Clients

It’s great when you’ve set up a website and the numbers of people paying your little place on the web a visit start to grow, but it’s less gratifying when those numbers don’t translate into an increase in business. The whole point of having a business website is to grow your client base and make […]

How to Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

No marketing professional in this day and age would ignore social media. To do would be to sound the death knell for the business. Social Media has come a long way and is now vital tool to drive web traffic, improve brand reputation and visibility, and connect with customers and prospects. If your social media […]