10 Technologies to watch in 2008

I found an interesting article at searchcio.com called “Ten Strategic Technologies To Watch In 2008”.

Protecting the environment has become part of IT’s job. Managing your organization’s metadata should be high on the IT agenda. But the Web — and the new computing models it’s spawned — looms large on Gartner Inc.’s list of 10 strategic technologies for 2008.

Interesting items:

  • Green IT: This is BIG. Take a look at many people’s email signatures these days…everyone is putting “Please consider the environment before printing my e-mail” as their footer. That is grassroots baby.
  • Mashup and composite applications: This is still very confusing for many “tech happy” people. (In their defense, I think they said it would be gaining popularity until 2010.)
  • WOA SaaS: Say whos-a-whats-a. Web Oriented Architecture and Software as a Service. Or basically all those “cool” internet applications. Like Google’s documents and spreadsheets,

There are a couple other good one – but those are the meat and potatoes. Check it out and let me know what you think.