2 Big Myths that are Killing Newspapers

newspapers (Tehrān)

From a post I found over at SimsBlog with some really good thoughts:

…is how journalists “spent nearly a century denying responsibility and involvement in business decisions”.

The result of this siloed newsroom is that a large chunk of the organization has no real understanding of how the business works.

That is a very real idea.  In fact, I think they are still running from the business end today.

But let’s not let the advertising department off the hook!

The Big Advertising Department Myth: We sell eyeballs

Not really.

Eyeballs are about mass and placement in the form reader demographics, circulation numbers, lines, columns, colour and position requests.

What advertising departments actually sell is connection and context that lead to sales results.

The article has more interesting information, but it really talking about as newspapers are making excuses and fussing…it’s time to take some responsibility.

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