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Obama Favors Clunkers for Cash : TreeHugger

Obama Favors Clunkers for Cash : TreeHugger. I love my cars – but this could be good for some.

The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500

Image via Wikipedia Sometimes you read a post and think – dang…now that is good.  That is Gary Hamel’s post called “The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500” If your company hopes to attract the most creative and energetic members of Gen F, it will need to understand these Internet-derived expectations, and then reinvent its […]

The TenXFactor: He who owns the Data Wins

Image by semanticwebcompany via Flickr The TenXFactor: He who owns the Data Wins. This is a great blog post which backs up what Jason and I have been trying to get across at our company – The Gazette.  Please – some read this and decide that it is true, great post. CONTENT IS STILL KING. […]

WordPress › Amazon Autoposter « WordPress Plugins

WordPress › Amazon Autoposter « WordPress Plugins. Amazon Autoposter is a free and easy to use plugin for WordPress weblogs that allows users to post products from Amazon.com on their blog automatically on any keyword they specify and earn money using Amazons affiliate program.

WordPress › Menubar « WordPress Plugins

WordPress › Menubar « WordPress Plugins. With the Menubar plugin you can: build fully customized flat or hierarchical menus with links to homepage, frontpage, categories, category trees, static pages, page trees, single posts, and external URLs of your choice; the currently selected menu item is dynamically highlighted; specify where to place each menu by inserting […]

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