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More information on Pharma Hack on WordPress

UPDATE:  This is an update post – the first one can be found at Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress. Its been a fun few days as I have been “fighting” with a hacker/black hat SEO person trying to use my blog to sell viagra.  But my friend David and I were able to catch the, […]

Private WordPress – wp

If it is not clear by now – I love WordPress.  I have been involved in documenting many, many web applications.  One way I have found ease in this is using WordPress as the medium for the documentation.  If this sounds interesting – check out this plugin called Private WordPress.

Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress

I really thought I was doing a good job…starting build my traffic back up to the levels I had seen about 18 months prior, then I saw my numbers drop.  I had been hacked – someone was replacing my links/Google descriptions and sealing my search links and link juice. My Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress […]

Mixergy is great

If you like podcasts and startups – then you have to check out Mixergy.  Mixergy is the brain child of Andrew Warner…he publishes a handful of interviews each week.  YES, each week.  They cover all aspects of the startup world from funding, to idea generation, to success management to failure. One of the most compelling series he has done over […]

Article Marketing – Google Demands Quality

The Google Farmer update targeted article directories and content mills. It went after sites, which used duplicate content and low quality articles. As many are aware, the vast majority of articles on article directories are extremely poorly written. The entire focus of Google’s update was to improve the overall quality of search results for users. […]

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