3 Ways To Get Your Business Noticed On Google

When it comes to search engines, none are bigger than Google. Recent studies have found that a large percentage of people trust the results from Google more than any other search engine. This is why it’s essential for you to get your small business noticed on there. If your potential customers find you on the first Google results page, it adds more authenticity to your brand. This can then go on to help you drive sales and increase traffic to your site. So to get noticed by the right people on Google, here’s some options you might want to consider.


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Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a service that allows businesses to display advertisements on Google results pages. This is a paid marketing service that allows you to set an advertising budget. This is then paid when a consumer clicks on the advertisement. At the end of each month, you can then determine which ones are being clicked on the most. These are commonly found in the far right-hand column or top of the results page and they focus primarily on keywords. You can use the external Adwords search to find relevant keywords that relate to your business. This can inform you which words have less competition and which ones are searched for most frequently. Visit the official website to find out how to get started and how to get more out of Google Adwords.

Create fresh content

Creating fresh content is another tactic you can use to get your business noticed online. The more informative, relevant and original your website’s content is, the higher the chance it will get shared. Google has actually been known to reward those who create such work which can only work in your favor. So if you haven’t already, start a blog where you can discuss topics that relate to your business in some way. Look for inspiration online, on TV or in books to generate content ideas. Use these ideas to create a weekly content plan and stick to it. Also make sure your content is easily shareable and remember to include relevant keywords too. The more it is shared, the higher your Google search rankings will be.

Work with influential bloggers

Another option you have is working with influential bloggers or vloggers. You could send them free products or discounts in exchange for a mention or insightful review on their blog or video. It’s important to choose bloggers who appeal to a similar target audience as you to ensure this campaign is successful. You can also ask them to include a link back to your website. As people click on this link, this should give your business an SEO boost on Google. Go online to see what other benefits your business can gain from collaborating with bloggers.

Whether you’re launching a new product or promoting a sale, these methods can give your business the recognition it deserves. You will face competition from other businesses wanting the same outcome. So make sure your attempts at getting noticed are more appealing and stronger than your competitors.