5 Things Sales People Say That Limit Them

I used to tell my children when they were in high school and getting ready for a presentation, that one of the most valuable things they needed to communicate clearly was to always have a strong opening and closing. If you start a powerful communication with a strong opening such as a smile, handshake and a clear concise reason for your sales pitch or presentation, then you immediately have the attention of the client or audience. Unfortunately, many professional sales people lack elementary skills in capturing the full attention of their audience.


Preparation is the key to any sales pitch. You cannot take the risk of losing a client in your first interaction, by failing to be organized. People are impressed with the confidence and relaxation that comes with knowing exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. You will only risk limiting yourself if you approach your client with a lukewarm attitude, using vague phrases such as “I guess” and “maybe”. Always have a strong but warm introduction, clearly stating the purpose of your visit. Make sure that when you are ending your visit that you state your goals concerning this client. Let them know what they can expect from you. Always leave your business card.


Sometimes when a salesperson is nervous or new at their job they will talk too much to fill any empty spaces in the conversation. It is limiting to talk so much that your client cannot get a word in edge ways. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Engage your client with questions about a recent vacation or a hobby you know they enjoy. Showing genuine interest in another person can build excellent relationships.


Make sure you understand what you want to say and how you want to say it. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you improve your skills. No-one likes to listen to another person “waffle” through a sales presentation. Always be polite and friendly but concise and to the point.


When we think about the encounters we have with people we always seem to remember the interactions with people who told the funny jokes or stories. Unfortunately, you will probably bore your client to death if you present a robotic presentation of your sales pitch. Telling a funny story, for example, about your teenage son or daughter’s learning to drive adventures, can do a lot to relax everyone in the room.


Make sure that you do not limit your own abilities by not having examples of “satisfied” customers to talk about. You want to win your client over, and nothing says it better than telling a story about a client you just recently made extremely happy by providing services they needed, quicker or cheaper than the competition.

In conclusion, basic preparation and practice before a sales meeting with a new or established client can turn your results around. Taking the time to know what you want to say, to know how you want to act and anticipating and believing in the desired outcome will give you the confidence to avoid self-limiting behaviors. Get in front of the mirror and put your best face forward, with a smile, some laughter and some truly engaging conversation and you will be on the winning team.

The preceding post was written by Thomas J., article writer and successful entrepreneur. He strongly recommends visiting Success Strategy Partners for free success tips and helpful information.