6 Reasons Why You Should Translate Your Website

Thanks to the Internet, a lot of businesses are now reaching out to customers from all over the world. However, many of these business websites fail to attract potential customers simply because the content is only available in single language. If you are planning to make the most out of your website and take your business to the global scene, you should be aware of the following reasons why you should translate your website.

Not everyone speaks English

People from the other side of the world can visit your website, but simply being accessible won’t be enough to secure regular visitors. Remember that more than 50% of the countries in the world do not use English as their primary language. Most people won’t bother with a foreign language website even if they are able to understand this language to a reasonable level. Translating your website saves them the hassle and prevents you from losing potential customers. See this translation case study Infographic on how you can increase your potential reach on the web via translation.

It shows that you care

Translating your website is more than just making your website readable. You are basically acknowledging the presence of foreign users simply by having your website translated, allowing you to build rapport and earn their trust. This will greatly help potential foreign customers feel comfortable browsing your website and potentially buying from you.

It’s good for growth

Since translating your website has the potential to increase your foreign customer base, this means it also increases the potential for your business to branch out. With enough foreign clients, creating a country-specific branch can be a viable course of action. This also works the other way around: If your business has a foreign branch in another country, translating your website could help improve your customer assistance in that particular area and establish your foreign customer base.

It impresses the local market

It’s natural for people to prefer a more established company. With a website that caters to foreign clients, the local market will get the impression that you’re running a world-class business. This means translating your website can also help improve your local customer base.

It’s easier to partner with other businesses

Going global doesn’t just impress the customers; it also makes you look good in front of potential business partners. It’s natural for some business owners to look for foreign partners, and having your website translated will make your business look like something worth partnering with. This can further establish your business in the area, which means even more business growth.

The benefits far outweigh the cost

Translating your website is not as expensive as most people think. If you are using a content management system which supports multilingual publishing it will be even more affordable. The sheer number of benefits compared to its affordable cost makes website translation a no-brainer for most businesses. Being competitive at a global scene requires plenty of strategizing and having your website translated is always a good way to start. It’s amazing how the act of acknowledging people from outside your own boundaries can turn your business from your average small-time company to an international-level competitor in the industry.

This guest blog post was provided by Globalme. Globalme provides translation and localization services for web sites, apps and videos. Find them on Twitter at @globalmedotnet.