Why Aren’t More Businesses Hiring Software Developers?

Business growth is sometimes limited not by your ideas and enthusiasm, but by your technology. Hiring software developers can be a game changer.

To give a very crude but logical example, think about how you can interact with your customers. If you resort to using just phone calls, then think of the costs involved, the problems that could arise, and the number of customers you alienate because you don’t have a web-based chat system or support for email. If everyone has to call your business, wait for thirty minutes to connect to a disgruntled employee, then put down the phone in anger because their problem still isn’t fixed, do you think that’d come back? Absolutely not! In fact, they’d probably tell all their friends and sooner or later, you’ll build up a terrible reputation.

Since you would never restrict the ways your customers contact you, why do you restrict other parts of your business? So let’s talk about software developers and how they can improve your business by removing restrictions that you shouldn’t have in the first place.

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Hiring software developers can seem expensive

If you look up how much does it cost to develop an app for smartphones, then you’ll be surprised to see that it’s actually relatively cheap. This isn’t because software developing is an easy job and it’s not because software developers are underpaid, it’s simply because it doesn’t take much time to make something. Of course, there are testing phases and you need to spend some time planning out an app before you start developing it, but once the initial planning phases are finished, a software developer can get to work and make you a smartphone app in a relatively short amount of time that will boost sales and customer interaction.

Software developers make excellent advisers

Software developers are the perfect tech advisers for your company. They’ll be able to advise you on different software solutions that are cheaper or contain more features that are relevant to your business. For instance, if you’re currently using Microsoft Office and you want an easier way to collaborate with people who are working remotely, then you may have completely forgotten that cloud office solutions such as Google Docs have collaborative features built-in and it costs nothing to use. They are fantastic additions to your team if you want to save money, time and have an expert on hand to deal with almost any tech issue you can think of.

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Software developers can create bespoke solutions

If you want to create a custom piece of software that fits your exact specifications, your only option is hiring software developers. For instance, maybe you want to give your employees a custom-made app to keep them updated with tasks instead of using existing software such as Skype or Slack. Maybe you need custom tools for specific jobs such as allowing your customers to edit their orders and customize a product on your website before they order it. There are many advantages to creating bespoke software, and it’s far cheaper to hire a developer to create, update and manage software as opposed to outsourcing it.