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How Much Privacy Do You Really Have with Google?

Have you ever wondered how your computer knows so much about you? Maybe you’ve visited a site reviewing the best juice machines, and then later visited a site about Ping fairway woods only to find Google AdWord ads for culinary schools and new recipe books. Is it a coincidence that you were just browsing cooking […]

Is the Internet Turning People into Recluses?

Do you ever feel guilty about the amount of time you spend at your computer each day? Do you feel bad that you have wasted an hour watching videos on YouTube or tweeting instead of doing something worthwhile? Do you sometimes feel that you are frittering away your life looking at other people’s profiles on […]

Article Marketing – Google Demands Quality

The Google Farmer update targeted article directories and content mills. It went after sites, which used duplicate content and low quality articles. As many are aware, the vast majority of articles on article directories are extremely poorly written. The entire focus of Google’s update was to improve the overall quality of search results for users. […]

How Seniors Conquer the Challenges of Internet Marketing

When we’re younger and picture our retirement years, we typically imagine time with our family, time to travel and try new things and more time on the golf course. The one thing we never picture is money problems. Weren’t those years of putting money in 401Ks and other savings were supposed to protect us from […]

Keywords As the Core of Your Website

In today’s world everyone has a website. Whether it’s a business, organization or individual, the Internet has made it possible for users to sell products, share information and express themselves on their own webpage. Whereas it’s more accessible and easier to create a website, it’s harder to generate visitors due to the fact that there’s […]

Information about the Google Panda Algorithm Update

I feel bad for all of you that had SEO down to a science because once again Google has updated its algorithm. This time it’s called the Panda algorithm, which adheres to the farmer algorithm and the target is content farms, among other things. Keep in mind that all Google is trying to do is […]

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