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Chromebooks Vs Laptops: Which Option is Best?

The competition within PC’s and laptops have never been higher. For years, it was a battle between Apple and Microsoft to gain the advantage, but with the arrival of Google and their Chromebooks, the competition has intensified. Chromebooks Vs Laptops Chromebooks have become popular since their launch. This is due to their simplicity to use […]

Palmtops, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Notebooks, Laptops: which is which?

  Have you ever wondered what those many terms – laptop, ultrabook, notebook, netbook, etc, mean? Notebooks, Ultrabooks, and laptops are particularly confusing. Sometimes you just hear the terms and don’t care much because they don’t help much anyway, right? Wrong. If you’re planning to buy a portable computer device in the foreseeable future, you […]

Why Aren’t More Businesses Hiring Software Developers?

Business growth is sometimes limited not by your ideas and enthusiasm, but by your technology. Hiring software developers can be a game changer. To give a very crude but logical example, think about how you can interact with your customers. If you resort to using just phone calls, then think of the costs involved, the […]

Avoid These Common Online Business Mistakes!

Image Source Thinking about starting an online business? Before you start worrying about how to make the most money from the endeavor, you need to ensure that you’re not making some fundamental mistakes from the off. The reason that a lot of these businesses fail is because they’re not paying enough attention to the mistakes […]