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Netsuite Web Development 101 – Introduction

I have been working at a company called clickstop since September of 2010.  We are an ecommerce company which makes most of our revenue from a cargo control company, US Cargo Control – we sell anything you can think of to tie down a load.  On a truck, Semi or Lifting and Rigging equipment.  We […]

Making money with Google Helpouts

Google has just pulled a rabbit out of its technicolored hat recently with Helpouts by Google. Helpouts is a new Google marketplace where they will pay you to be an expert/mentor to people who are seeking help.  Yes – that’s correct…Google will pay you to do what you already do now. Here are the categories […]

Identifying The Money: Affiliate Marketing Keywords

No matter how great your affiliate marketing website looks or how interesting the content is, if you don’t pay sufficient attention to keywords, you may jeopardize how much visitor traffic you get to your site. Here’s all you need to know about identifying the most profitable affiliate marketing keywords in your business. Why are affiliate marketing keywords […]

Twitter, news, Minority Report and the future.

Its amazing to me what can be “broadcast” in 140 characters.  But what I came to realize this morning is Twitter is a perfect example of what the internet can do for something like the news.  It decentralizes how news is covered.  Which is exactly how the the internet keeps us all connected. Twitter news […]

eCommerce Suppliers are the key in an online business

So – I’ve been blogging for the past couple months about my motorcycle fairing project.  We have seen a few orders so far…the first one has been a disaster and are working on the next 2. eCommerce Suppliers are key The problem with the first order has been (I wish I could say was – but, […]

#iahsfb, tweets and the “news”

My previous job to Clickstop was in “the media”.  At Source Media group in the web department team – to be exact.  Back in those days I used to have what may be referred to as “spirited discussions” with colleagues about social media and twitter and the like. Its funny how some people still have […]

The How To Guide to WordPress with WooCommerce

Well, maybe this should read…how I did it, or better yet – how I plan to. Firstly, besides by family – I love the web, shopping on the web, wordpress, motorcycles and volkswagens…not necessarily in that order.  I work at a great company called Clickstop (who is a retailer of many goods online – check […]

Aggressive Strategy Is Vital Before Developing Domain Names

If you are ready to tackle the complex world of selling online, and wish to put together some form of long-term plan for personal development fulfillment, you need to cultivate a strategy to pen your goals and needs on paper.  Since developing domain names takes a personal investment, you need something viable for long-term sanity; […]

Branding – What It Should Accomplish And How To Get There

When it comes to building a successful company, focusing on branding is a largely important facet. Creating a strong brand is invaluable as the market becomes increasingly competitive day by day, and you want potential customers to notice YOU. Being proud of the company you run is evident when branding is displayed prominently on the […]

3 Things Your Website Needs To Increase Domain Valuation

Thanks largely to the popularity of social media websites, unfinished or parked websites are seeing sharp declines in website visitorship.  Also contributing to this cool off in website traffic is the inability to effectively leverage mobile optimization into websites development, still young to many businessmen.  To reconnect with potential investors, websites must have be engaging […]

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