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6 Hard Arguments For Investing In Cloud Services

Image Source A google search will reveal more cloud app reviews and plenty of cloud platforms too.  But it is getting harder and harder to ignore cloud services and a reason why even the most reluctant starting to see the value. Cloud computer is starting to change the landscape of business. Small business is getting on the […]

Clients Don’t Grow on Trees – Tips for Expanding Your Law Firm

After spending 20 of the first 25 years of your life in school leading up to a degree in law, you wonder why it is that clients don’t come flocking to your door. Of course, most lawyers understand that the best way to break into the business is to sign on with a renowned legal team in […]

Your 2016 Olympics – Breakout Year for Streaming TV

I’m not a full on Olympics nerd like some, but this year I am really excited to watch – its a breakout year for streaming tv.  NBC is turning the 2016 Olympics into a springboard for the masses to adopt the streaming tv.  Its a taste of what we all want – more action from […]

Ways Cloud Technology Helps Engineers

Engineering is a dynamic sector in which workloads can fluctuate and requirements for the workforce can change as the demand for resources and manpower shifts from one project to the next. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to consider having processes and systems in place that will be flexible and adaptable alongside your changing business needs. This […]

Instagram Could Boost Your Business – But How?

Instagram has become a big player in the social media scene over the past few years. With people flocking to the platform to share their photo’s and look at others, now is the time to get your brand active. One mistake that businesses make these days is the assumption that people will come to them. […]

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