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Google Health Is Coming to Digitize Your Records

Maybe it is just because my wife is in the health profession, my first reaction to Google digitizing health records was a vision of HIPPA nightmare. But after that storm blew over – I was like…this is cool. Can you imagine if all this information was digital? On the most basic note – you go […]

Now this is innovation

Sometimes – innovation takes a giant leap, with both feet. It happened when Apple invented the iPod and I think it happened when Nooka invented the dot watch. Click here – then click “nooka story” (remind me to tell you how much I like Flash interfaces) It is just really cool to see a guy […]

Top 10 Best Newspaper Websites

I’m not sure which article I like better – the 10 sites or the American Newspapers and the Internet: Threat or Opportunity? – but this is definitely it. Take a look at this link and I will give you my thoughts on the top ten below. I really like a lot of the different stuff […]

This is the type of people we need to recruit

This is an entry Gazette Online has recently had in it’s “First Day of School” promotion. Alex Murphy of Iowa City takes the cake, you have to watch this video – this is the type of guy we need to get connected with and have be a part of our media revolution. This is innovative […]