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Google vs. The World

“As the most watched, scrutinized, and reported-on company in the web space, Google’s every move is analyzed by competitors big and small. Its rapid expansion into areas beyond search and seemingly insatiable appetite for acquisitions has the company strongly positioned to dominate numerous key parts of the Internet. However, we should be reminded that not […]

Data Dump II

This is what happens when I put links into my “blog” folder to blog about – then it gets so big I cannot manage it any more. So here we go: 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network This is a little techy, but gives you an idea of how easy it is to […]

Is this the future of advertising?

Sometimes it is so much easier to envision what the future of something is – then other times, almost impossible. For instance, the future of “news gathering” – I think we all see how the idea of creating content and putting it all into one big storage area – then all drawing from the pool […]

A new way to campain

Ron Paul is trying to Web 2.0 his way into the white house. If you look at mainstream media and “classic” political evangelists – then Ron Paul is a small blip on the political radar. But, if you give merit to online polling – he’s a squadron of pilots heading to the presidential Pearl Harbor. […]

Microsoft is dead?

This one was way out there for me…because when I read something “dead” that means it is gone or a memory. After reading this blog post by Paul Graham “Microsoft is dead” I was a little surprised. I have been known in the past to be a Microsoft fanboy, I think I have changed my […]