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eBay deals are getting weak.

So – I need a new cordless telephone…and let me tell you – I am a cheapskate when it comes to consumer electronics. My old unit got a bit too much of last week’s lightning. So I head off and find a model I like – the Uniden TRU9280-4 (the “-4” stands for 4 handsets; […]

Facebook – the Operating System?

UPDATE: I found this article: 12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally – I’m not sure I totally agree with using Facebook professionally, but some of the same things apply to LinkedIn. Published: 7/23/2007 6:57 AM Wow – when Facebook opened up its API’s (special channels into their system which allows others to leverage their software) […]

Web 2.0 is built on Open Source

This one is a little scary for me, some people (cough-Lyman-cough) have called me a Microsoft fanboy…and I have been know for carrying the blue & white flag from time to time, but if you look at this guy’s research, it is pretty hard to dispute that open source IS web 2.0 at this point. […]

I have a confession to make…I'm addicted to LinkedIn.

Yup, it’s true. I have an addiction to LinkedIn. (LinkedIn is a social networking/Web 2.0 application that keeps you link, networked and connected to people you have been around in the past. Mostly work – but some college, but this is not the party site…that is Facebook.) I had signed up for LinkedIn a while […]

Dude, Someone Solar Painted My Car!

This is so cool…as many of you know, I love volkswagens, motorcycles and computers; but I also have a secret affection for renewable energy. I have heard about this, but this is a great article explaining how these dudes from the New Jersey Institute of Technology have basically embedded teeny, tiny solar panels into paint. […]