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Is Radio Dead?

I found a great article on radio called “When Will Radio Die?”. It address a bunch of issues with radio, but kind of reminds me of a lot of the discussion we are having about news paper – here are a few of my favorite parts. Where and how we consume radio content is well […]

What will we do after MySpace?

So, what will be the NBT (Next Best Thing) after social networks? The article I found which addresses this first looks back and then ahead. Age #0 – eCommerce – the most primitive way of making money online. It’s identical to the real world… Age #1 – Single Sign-on – Yahoo started out with a […]

Everything 2.0

“Everything 2.0” :: Wow, that about sums it up. I guess our job is done. :) Seriously, I came across this web page called “Everything 2.0” was blown away. Although I cannot figure out what “Authority” means (I think it is the metric software they use) – but even if we only look at the […]

Shopping Carts and Sales Tax

Shopping carts and sales tax has been the “hot” discussion lately as we try to figure out how many state and national tax laws we’ve broken in our tenure of e-commerce. With that on my mind – this story about “E-Commerce Toolbox” caught my eye. While it doesn’t provide direct suggestions on solutions – it […]

Poparatizi 2.0

Spy Media is an interesting site which mashing up poparatizi and web 2.0. “Spy Media offers professional and amateur photographers two great ways to get paid for your photos and photography services. Our Spy Bounty service is an excellent source to find photo assignments that are relevant to your location, talent, and availability.” How far […]