How Augmented Reality is Saving the Tech Industry

As automation and robotics continue to edge human workers out of jobs, it’s clear that either technology or people (or both) will have to adjust. While it is true that recent technological innovations have replaced humans in certain industries, it’s also worth noting that there are still millions of unfilled jobs in the United States.

Thus, it may not be the case that fewer jobs will be available for workers in the future. Instead, the nature of work itself may simply be shifting. Currently, people lack the necessary skills to fill those millions of jobs mentioned above. While some jobs are probably going away forever, new ones that emerge will require a workforce that’s properly trained for them.

If this is the case, technology will not be the force that prevents workers from finding employment. Instead, it will help them prepare for the jobs of the future.

Augmented reality companies, in particular, are set to play an essential role.

Understanding the Tech

Augmented reality should not be confused with virtual reality. VR inserts users into an entirely new world. AR, meanwhile, inserts new, virtual elements into the real world. It can also remove certain real-world elements, if that’s the goal.

This has clear implications for job training. Potential employees may soon be able to put on an AR headset and superimpose a new tool or piece of technology onto their surrounding environment. They can learn how to perform a task or use a machine without having to travel to a training site.

According to a report from Tractica, a robotics-focused research firm, this application is clearly viable. “AR headsets provide an ideal UI for hands-free operation, with the device at eye level, presenting information when needed. AR headsets can also bring powerful first-person views, which are valuable hands-free resources for field force automation, training, or maintenance jobs,” the report states.

Recognizing the Potential for AR

Most AR programs currently involve the use of smartphones or tablets, as they’re more readily available than AR headsets. However, given the relative success of the Microsoft Hololens, as well as the rise of smaller firms like Osterhout Design Group and Daqri, it’s safe to assume that such tools will soon be put to wider use.

Major tech companies have also indicated their faith in AR. Facebook is developing a tool which will allow users to make their own customized image filters. Apple released an AR content creation platform for developers. Samsung is creating its own MR (mixed reality) products. The augmented reality industry is growing steadily, and that trend isn’t likely to reverse itself anytime soon.

AR for Job Training

Although it’s not possible to determine to what degree robotics and artificial intelligence will displace human workers, few doubt that they will have a clear, measurable effect. For workers to compete, they’ll need the ability to quickly learn valuable skills.

Bryan Ballard, CEO of Upskill, believes AR will be critical in this respect. Ballard’s company aims to develop the go-to AR operating system. He believes that a classroom is the wrong space for job training because it involves removing a potential employee from the actual context of the job. Ballard says, “At a base level people need more skills to do their jobs,” adding, “What we see in real life is that there is a way to get better information right way and it’s always available to see.”

Daqri’s CEO, Brian Mullins, agrees: “Augmented reality is a modern technology that is human focused, and when done right, focused on knowledge transfer. You can show a worker how to do something that they didn’t know, and give them actionable information to make the right decisions.”

Current Uses of Augmented Reality Technology

Some companies are already toying with the idea of using AR as a job training tool. GE is developing a Hololens program that would train people who have no background in the medical field to correctly use an ultrasound machine. Boeing, which has already used AR to train employees in key tasks, has found that workers who learn via this approach are more satisfied and more accurate.

These examples merely represent the experimental stages of using AR to train employees. In the future, companies will have to find ways of scaling the process so that it’s efficient, effective, and available to a wide range of potential workers. Companies hoping to take advantage of this training model will have to work closely with AR firms to develop the best possible tools.

Those that do will likely benefit from a more qualified, productive workforce. Workers who’ve been replaced by machines will also benefit, as they get the opportunity to learn new skills that make them more valuable in the long run.


4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Attorneys Make

While lawyers tend to know the importance of being in business directories, they tend to be more haphazard in their approach to social media. Here are five common social media marketing mistakes attorneys make all too often. We’ll discuss the biggest mistakes, why they hurt you, and what you should do instead.

Your Profile and Content Is Full of Errors

A profile describing yourself as a “layer” will be missed in searches for lawyers. Someone who incorrectly spells worker’s compensation or medical malpractice will be skipped by someone looking for a legal expert. After all, if you misspell the word for your specialty, how do they know you will fill out legal forms correctly? Spell check and grammar check every part of your profile.

You Don’t Use Visually Rich Content

Humans are a visual species. You should use images and videos as part of your online marketing. A high resolution, professional picture of yourself on your social media profile is the beginning of this process. Similar photos of yourself, your office, and your team on your website and periodically posted on social media is useful in promoting your image with your employees.

Remember that you can share value added content created by others on social media, such as sharing someone else’s presentation through your profile. Avoid repeating the same content repeatedly since it starts to look like spam to both search engines and your audience. If you don’t know what to do, contact firms that specialize in marketing for attorneys, like Berbay for instance.

You Don’t Respond to Your Audience

Failing to respond to your social media audience is a mistake on several fronts. First, the person asking a question of you on social media is far more likely to become a paying client after you answer at least part of the question before recommending an in-person consultation. Second, ignoring social media posts and questions causes those following you to stop since they see that it doesn’t matter.

Conversely, if you respond promptly with appropriate and personalized responses, you’ll gain further credibility with your followers and probably capture more conversational query searches, too. You don’t have to write a long dissertation in response to each question. In fact, by saying you’re not legally allowed to give a long specific answer due to the particulars of that person’s situation, you can give a general high-level answer and reasonably direct the questioner and anyone else to contact you directly.

Not Having a Social Media Policy

A mistake lawyers make is failing to have a social media policy for themselves and their employees. The case of the teenager bragging about her parents’ settlement with an employer, which cost them the settlement, made news, but such events happen with depressing regularity without making the news. Have a formal policy that employees cannot discuss ongoing cases, share personal information about clients, or breach confidentiality agreements.

These are just some of the mistakes attorneys face when using social media for marketing. When used right, social media can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods to reach new clients, so make sure you use it wisely.


Making Sense Of The Books And Simplifying Business Finances

Some financial sense is an essential talent that business owners need to learn. If you can’t understand the basics of cash flow, you will have trouble figuring out whether the business is in good financial health and what decisions might help it. However, finances can be overly complex to the point that it takes up more time and effort than actually running the business does. So, what can you do to make the books a bit easier to balance?

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Don’t make things more difficult from the get-go

One of the biggest deciding factors in what is going to make your taxes harder to easier to deal with is the structure you choose when you begin a business. Sole proprietorships and partnerships each complicate things by making it harder to separate personal and financial expenditures. They also put you at risk of double taxation which, as it sounds, doubles the amount of work the tax process takes. It’s becoming easier to learn how to start an LLC, giving it the same advantage that sole proprietorships have. But the way they make finances easier is by both avoiding double taxation as well as making a separate entity of the business, meaning that your personal and business finances must be separate at a rule, too.

Get a little help

Most small businesses should use the help of a CPA. CPA’s are not bookkeepers. They are accountants in the truest form of the word, familiar with tax laws, dealing with the IRS, and analyzing your finances in totality. They are more than administrative assistants helping with record keeping, they can give real advice on taxes and the financial decisions made in the business.

Chip away at it

CPAs, book-keepers, and other kinds of accountants can help you stay on top of the process of preparing taxes and bookkeeping, but regardless of whether you use them or not, it’s important to work at it. Businesses that don’t spend time arranging their finances as they go on, updating expense reports, cash flow measurements, and so on, are just kicking the can further down the road. When tax season comes or when you realize you haven’t updated your books in so long, you are going to have to do a lot more work, often racing against an unnecessary deadline. Accounting software can make it a lot easier to make less work of keeping your finances updated, too.

Always know your strategy

Finances also become a major issue when there’s a change in business that you have to react to. If you haven’t already thought about how you might cut costs in the business when you need to, you might make the wrong decisions in the heat of the moment. The same can be said of when the business gets a large cash injection and you haven’t already thought of where is best to invest for the chances of return. You should have strategies put in place of financial changes ready for the event that they happen.

Smooth sailing is all about setting the processes and the functions of the business that allows for easier accounting from the get-go and keeping up with the habits that continue to make that a reality. Unless you’re prepared to do a little work now, you’re giving yourself a lot to do in the future.

Tricks To Save Hours Of Time

Working makes it feel like there are minimal hours in a day. It’s even more difficult to manage your time when you consider all of the personal obligations you have to attend to. Time goes so fast and you’re often being pulled in multiple directions. It feels like there aren’t any minutes left over to complete your very important tasks.

One way to gain more time back in your day is to manage it better. You have to come up with small adaptations that are going to make a big difference. Stop running around trying to do it all, because it’ll never happen. Get smart about how you’re working and accomplishing projects. See tricks to save hours of time.

Delegate Tasks

You have to be willing to delegate tasks and take some work off of your plate. Don’t feel like you have to do it all on your own. Use your staff as a support system and make sure they’re busy enough by supplying them with plenty of work. There’s no point in trying to do it all when you have employees who are entirely capable of completing the work for you. If you don’t trust someone or you know it’s a complicated task, then take the time to show and train them how to do it. It’s your responsibility to dish out the assignments and make sure the weight’s taken off your shoulders.

Use Technology Platforms

Automate processes and use technology to help you perform tasks. It’s a much smoother and more accurate way to complete assignments. For example, if you’re a trader use Stern Options, which empowers thousands of investors to reach their financial goals. It puts the power of the global markets in your hands. This is just one way you can make it easier on yourself to get ahead. Implement technology solutions to help you work faster and smarter. Plug in information so you can let the machines do a lot of processing for you. This is a sure way to save lots of time and feel good about the work you produce.

Remove Distractions

Take a look at how much time you’re spending searching the internet, chatting with coworkers and playing on your phone. If you’re like most workers, it’s probably time to take a look at what you’re doing each day and cut out the distractions. Get serious about your work and you’ll quickly notice what a difference it makes in your schedule. Make notes about when you’re feeling distracted and what type of activities are slowing you down on a regular basis. This will make you more aware of what’s going on and able to change your habits.

Keep A Calendar

Not only is it smart to make a to-do list, but it’s also a good idea to keep a calendar. Write down all of your appointments and meetings so you’re sure about what’s coming up in the future and down the road. Remember to leave time to take care of yourself and practice self-care. If you fill up your calendar with only work obligations, you’ll soon feel restless and uneasy about your situation. Embrace your organizational skills and start being more productive. Remove the clutter from your schedule and your mind by making sure you know what’s going on in your life at all times. The best part about a calendar is that you’re free to move and switch around activities as you see fit.


Prepare for all you do before it occurs. It’s a smart way to live and will take a lot of pressure off of you each day. If you’re someone who likes to bring your lunch to work, make it the night before so it’s ready in the morning. Prepare for meetings the night prior so you’re not scrambling the next day at the last minute. Work ahead as much as possible to make sure you’re always in the know. Preparing will also make you feel less nervous for important obligations or speeches you have to give. If you don’t prepare, it’s more likely you’ll try to fit in too much for the allowed timeframe and then you’ll feel stressed.

Work Anywhere

Technology allows you to work in more places than ever before. Be up for working anywhere you can throughout the day. Have your computer and phone hooked up to your work messages so you’re able to respond wherever you are. Use portions of your commute if you’re on a train or bus to answer emails. This is helpful for when you’re at the gym, on the go, or you want to check in on vacation. Technology allows you a more flexible work schedule, because you can leave at any time and not worry about being disconnected. The only suggestion is to make sure you’re not letting work take over your life completely, and that you set boundaries.

Get Sleep

It’s not worth your time or energy to stay up late working and skip out on your sleep. Be smart and get a proper night’s rest. Configure your room so it’s set at the prime temperature and is dark when you want to fall asleep. This way you’ll have the desire and drive to want to work when you get up in the morning. You won’t feel exhausted and like you’re dragging yourself around. You’ll complete more work in a shorter amount of time and will be less likely to make mistakes. Losing sleep will cause you to fall behind and definitely take away from the productive hours you have in a day.


Saving time is a continuous struggle for most people. For those with busy schedules and nonstop obligations, it can feel like a never-ending battle. That’s why it’s smart to implement strategies that help you better manage your time. Never be afraid to experiment with different options in order to see what works best for you. Be patient with yourself and get to a better place over time. These are tricks to save hours of time.

USA Binary Options Explained

While investing in stock is popular in the United States, it can seem complicated to learn how to do correctly and make a profit. Binary options USA provide both beginners and experienced investors with a simple process to trade. Binary options trading is becoming increasingly more popular in the country, but for years there were no local brokers to assist traders with the process. Therefore, they began looking for international brokers, but many of these were scams. Some international brokers could not help investors because their country regulated them in case of scams. Many US traders ended up losing significant amounts of money. Now, there are many laws and regulated associated with binary options trading in the US, and some even separate US traders from international traders.

US Binary Options Companies

It may be best to find a broker and company within the US to ensure the highest levels of safety. It is important to remember to keep in mind that scams can occur. There are a few ways to prevent yourself from getting involved in fraudulent investments. You can check to make sure that companies you are dealing with follows trading regulations. Choosing a broker that follows regulations such as NADEX can provide you with the best environment to complete your trading. No matter how reputable an international company may seem, it is safest to maintain relationships with US binary options companies. NADEX is the only binary options company that has obtained a license to provide binary options in the United States. Even with NADEX is compared to reputable international brokers, is it highly ranked. NADEX provides you with safety when keeping your funds. You might need to check your credit rating before depositing, and discover card for fair credit – always check the fees.

Trading to Make a Profit

In the US, you can make trades with as small of an amount as a dollar. If the investment is worth $100, you and an opponent can each put down a portion of the $100. If you put forward $55 and the other investor puts forward $45 you have the chance to win your money back as well as the other investor’s money. Binary options trading in the US is simple taking a risk by saying “yes” or “no.” If you believe that the item will increase in worth you can say “yes,” but if you believe it is at its highest value currently, then you can say “no.” Whoever has chosen the correct answer wins. Binary options trading can leave you with nothing or with the money of both you and your opponent.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future of binary options trading can hold many opportunities for investors. There may be more companies with brokers for you in the future that can help you make the best investments. More competitors may emerge, and the trading on binary options may become even more popular. Though these top brokers may not be competing against each other but rather work with each other to keep their high status and prevent other competitors from gaining clients. This could lead to the same services being offered instead of constant improvements that would be the result of competition among top companies.


Binary options trading can be a simple way to invest and earn a profit if you enjoy taking risks. While it can be a simple hobby to learn, there are some methods that you should remember in order to keep your funds safe and avoid fraudulent companies.