The Power Of A First Impression

A first impression leaves a lasting mark. This could be the first impression you make at a job interview, the first impression a new product makes on you, leading you to purchase it, the first impression from a website and so on. First impressions are powerful. It dictates how a person feels. A bad first impression will leave a sour taste in your mouth whereas a good first impression will leave you happy. Psychology and science can help explain why this is the case. This article will use two examples of first impressions to showcase the power it has. One example is first impressions made online, and the other is offline or in person. As you’re reading, consider how both of these are powerful in their way.

Online first impressions

Some online sources will leave more of a lasting impression than others. One of the best examples of a first online impression is that of a business’ website. Potential customers will often meet your company online first. Be transparent with what the philosophies and values are that the company’s groundwork is laid on. If you are a marketing agency, showcase some of your client’s success online. A good first impression is a top priority for a business, as it means new customers. Websites built with SEO in mind will fare better in search engine result pages than others. Thus, a website that’s on the first page SERPs will leave a better impression than one that is on page 50. SEO services can help people reach the first page of search engines. Chances are people won’t scroll to page 50 to even find the website at that point. Companies’ websites are powerful tools for first impressions, as that first reaction will make people decide whether they want to work there or hire the company.

Furthermore, people can make a decision based on the images they see on social media. Social media can be used by prospective employers to see what a potential employee is like. It is the cause of a lot of first impressions, particularly when it comes to strangers. Whether it’s a photo posted on Facebook or Instagram, even if it is twitter post, it is out there for the world to see. Consider what you write about and think before you post, as everything you post reflects back on you. Even if you may not think so, strangers can form an opinion about you based on merely an image and a text they see online. The same principle applies to an item they see on social media, forming an opinion based on the image and text alone.

Offline or in-person

The more widely known first impression is the one that people make in person. This can be between people or even between a person and an item in a store. That Hawaiian shirt you saw in a store awhile back must have made an impression on you for you to buy it. Plus, first impressions are equally powerful among people. They can either invoke a sense of professionalism, or you can appear sluggish. If you go to a job interview wearing a gym shirt and sweatpants, chances are, you won’t be taken seriously. That’s how a first impression works. It affects how people will view you after the fact.

It only takes a few seconds for someone or something to make an impression on you. That is why, it’s whether it’s a website, a person’s attire, social media content or other, it’s important to consider what that first impression you are leaving is. First impressions are incredibly powerful, and it dictates a lot of decisions people make. Whether it’s the decision to be-friend someone or purchase something in a store, that first impression is crucial.

Ten Top Tips To Get Funding for Your Small Business

Throughout your life, you will have dreamed of owning the business you have now. You may have hopes of taking over the world with your ideas, or you may wish to remain small and local, but in any case, you will need a substantial amount of funding to get your small business off the ground. There are numerous ideas out there which will help you kickstart your company into the reality you’ve always hoped it would become, but it can be a difficult task to sift through them all. This is why it’s best to take a look at the most popular ways small businesses start on their journey.

Fund it yourself

Some people are in the lucky position where they can fund their business themselves. If this is you, then you need to sit down with an accountant and create a plan about where your money can be used. This should include areas like marketing, commercial space, and employing staff. This way, you know that you are not funneling your money into a project which hasn’t got the tools to become self-sustainable, and it won’t be an investment you will regret.

Think about investing

If you have a spare sum of money waiting to be used to fund your small business, but it isn’t quite enough, then you could always consider smart investments. If you have never looked at stock markets and emerging trends before, then it’s wise to steer clear of this option, as you don’t want to risk losing your money. However, if you are confident, you can use lots of online tools and apps to help you make your money go furthest, where strong returns will help you on your way. Using technology to boost your business can help maximize your return if used effectively.

Apply for a small loan

Although applying for a loan can be daunting, it is sometimes the only way that businesses can start up. If your business is successful, you can always pay it back in small increments so that it doesn’t affect your overall profits by too much. For larger loans, you can look to banks to help supply you with the money you need, and for small ones, you should consider looking into a microloan. These are loans handed out by financial companies who want to help those in need, and if you want to learn more, visit this page.

Do a fundraiser

Fundraising has always been a popular way of getting money to start a venture, and this can also be applied to businesses. Where fundraising is used to rely on local people rallying together, you can now make use of social media platforms to extend your funding to a global reach. This will also help you gain brand awareness in your early stages, and gauge how much of an interest your product or service provokes. Some crowdfunding resources like Kickstarter are a great way to get people to invest in your product, rather than just donate to your company.

Apply for funding

Small businesses are lucky in that there are many larger companies and charities who want to help those who they believe in. If you sit down and research what types of funding you’re eligible for, then you may find you can get a large sum from a few organizations. This funding is usually in the form of grants, so you don’t have to worry about paying it back, even if your business thrives.

Seek help from other companies

Companies can help you with funding, but in more ways than one. Whilst they are known to give out charitable donations to similar small companies, they will usually take one under their wing in what is called an incubator scheme, where they allow you use of space and resources that you can otherwise not afford. On one side of these schemes you have vendor capitalists, who will offer huge sums of money for a large share in your company, so make sure you think carefully before you commit.

Take on another job

If you have a lot of free time on the side of building your small business, then it’s wise to keep a part-time job, which will give you a steady flow of income to live on. If you manage to find a part-time gig that pays well and gives you flexible hours to choose from, you won’t have to worry about taking time away from your business, especially as this job will be helping to fund it.

Sell items you don’t need

If you know that your home is full of valuable belongings that you never use or have no attachment to, then you should consider putting these up for sale. Jewelry can go to pawn shops, where they are often on the hunt for gold, and other items you could run by vintage buyers or online stores such as eBay. This will hopefully give you an extra pile of cash to help you with day to day running.

Look for a partner

Many small businesses start out with one person running them, which is admirable but can also be a huge struggle from day one if you lack in money and resources. Sometimes, it’s best to look for a partner who believes in your company as much as you do, and who is willing to invest their money into helping it get off the ground. Partner relationships differ, but some will take an active role in helping, while others will be happy to fund it for a stake in your business.

Put time into finding investors

It will often be a number of investors that supply the money to a budding business. Though having a lot of these will mean you must give away small shares of your business each time, it will help you make a name for yourself in the early days. It will also ensure that you have the money and the drive behind you, as you will want to make your investors proud as a way of saying thank you.

Can You Run a Successful Business and Still Have Ethics?

Your immediate reaction to the above question was probably yes, of course – unless you have no morals in the first place, in which case you wouldn’t care anyway! Assuming you aren’t operating some kind of illegal enterprise, business ethics will be a vital part of your business. Without them, you risk getting a bad reputation and falling foul of the law, so being ethical in business is an important aspect of legitimate success. Beyond business ethics, there are other ethical considerations which cover, for example, your investments, purchases and financial dealings.

What kind of ethics?

In a broad context, it would be purchasing Fair Trade or similarly approved products, using recycled paper, ensuring your investments were made with ethical companies and favoring deals with suppliers or institutions that support ethical activities. There is an argument that none of these labels guarantee that Third World farmers are any better off, or that pollution and waste are being reduced. It is true that the whole life cycle of a product needs to be dissected to ensure its ethical or ecological credentials. For example, if you use recycled paper products, does the reclaim process emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than using virgin wood pulp from forests grown for this purpose? The complexity of knowing whether you are truly making a difference or not can be off-putting for busy business owners, who have more than enough to worry about as it is.


One of the barriers to acting with ethical considerations in your workplace is the scarcity of ethical options. The choice of investment portfolios that only include ethically sound organizations is growing but still makes up a tiny percentage of available options. Fairtrade products are becoming more readily available, and there are similar schemes all claiming to ensure a better deal for poorer farmers, but again they only form a very small percentage of the market. In addition to this, prices are inevitably higher than for regular products, which means a more significant investment for your business.

Making it work

To make this work for your business, you need to decide how you are going to embrace the ethical philosophy. You could start by simply ensuring all the consumables in your office are ethically sourced. You could then calculate how much extra this kind of action costs and see if it’s worthwhile for you. You could make a move to source as many of your products as is feasible from ethical suppliers, and capitalize on this move by making it a key element of your marketing strategy. Promoting your ethical credentials in your communications and advertising is a great way to catch people’s attention. You could also make use of financial services that are operating new, more philanthropic models such as Lemonade Insurance, who make donations to good causes of your choice out of unclaimed premiums.

Doing your bit for the world is often held up as an aspiration we should all be working towards, but sometimes it isn’t easy to get to grips with how to be a truly ethical business. Even if you feel like there’s little you could do, every action you take achieves two things: it helps with improving the lives of other people, and it shows the policymakers that these issues are important to people.

Find the Ideal Auto Trading Software for You

There are tons of options for automatic trading software available on the market, each slightly different from the last and boasting that they’re the best. How do you know which to choose? Research can help some but you don’t necessarily know what information you can trust online and what’s paid to sound good. A lot of seasoned traders just opt to go their own way, sure they can manage themselves. Without the use of this software, however, you may never know what amazing trading opportunities you might have missed out on. Through this article, we’ll help you find the best automatic trading software on the market that will fit your needs.

What to watch out for

So, how do you go about spotting invaluable research? It can be hard to identify valuable sources and authentic information when those paid to write positive reviews are also paid to disguise said reviews as authentic. If the source material is available on the software provider’s website and has nothing but rave things to say about the software it’s probably not the most objective source to guide you to the right software. However, if you find the source objectively comparing both the pros and cons of multiple automatic trading software options, you can probably trust the information provided there. Tread lightly, though; if the end of the review offers a link to access a discount for the software it’s likely affiliate content, paid to spread the word about one specific software, rather than guiding you to one that will actually work for you.

Who can you trust

You may be wondering if it’s even possible to find valuable information on the right software after reading all that, but we assure you, there is in fact a way to determine which software is right for you and whether or not you even need it in the first place. Trusting well established blogs or reputable news sources can help guide you to the right answer, as they have a reputation to protect through their content. If you’re still uncertain of whether or not you need this software, you should consult with a forex trading expert to get their take on the software and how useful it can be for you. Once you’ve decided on using the software, we recommend you start looking here first, as they provide excellent and highly effective software that’s easy to use, as well.

With the many options available for automatic trading software, it’s hard to sort through all the research to find the right one for you. You’ve heard the age-old phrase: “don’t believe everything you read,” and that certainly applies when it comes to finding the right automatic trading software. Weeding through all the false research around the internet can be a challenge, especially when so much of the affiliate content is disguised to fool you these days. Hopefully, through this guide, you gained some insight in determining useful research when it comes to automatic trading software.

Your Global Businesses’ Best Partner

It’s always exciting to have your business grow to a global business, enjoying more success and broadening your clients. However, there’s a few challenges you’ll need to face when taking your business to global levels. Beyond just language barriers, you have to figure out the best way to market and appeal to global clients with which you’ve not dealt before. In order to achieve success in making your business global, you’re going to need some assistance. Translation services can help you boost your web presence, better communicate with global clients, and even translate your important documents for you. Through this article, we hope to explain to you how translation services can prove to be your best partner in the endeavor to take your business global.

Translating Important Documents

If you’re thinking about growing your business and making it globally available and operable, you’re going to need to translate your important documents so they can read them. Your contracts, invoices, service descriptions, and more will need to be translated accurately by a fluent speaker of your target language. Contracts are important and legally binding documents that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You already go to great pains to ensure your contracts are written adequately and accurately, why would you throw all that away to save a little bit of money and rely on a computer translating program? If you’re going to succeed at taking your business to global heights, you’ll need to handle the translation of your important documents properly.

Translating Web Content and Marketing Materials

If you want your new potential pool of clients to be aware of your business and what you can offer them, you’ll need to not only retool your marketing strategy (which we’ll talk in greater detail about later), but also translate your ads, web content, press releases, and the like. These translations need to be done accurate and well. By far, the best option for this is to utilize translation services from a company with reliable and fluent translators. This ensures that your content looks professional and authentic and that you won’t run the risk of losing out on customers or clients. When you rely on a computer translating program, you run the risk of your content coming across as being unprofessional which could even cause you to lose clients.

Helping with Your Marketing Strategy

A lot of businesses providing these translation services also offer SEO services for your website and web content. While translating the content alone is important, it’s crucial to remember that the same keywords that work in your country, won’t necessarily work globally, even when their translated directly. With the assistance of translation services, you can revamp your marketing strategy and keywords with the guidance of a fluent speaker who understands the culture of your target area as well.

Growing your business to offer services globally can be exciting, scary, and complicated. By utilizing the assistance of translation services, you can have all of your important content translated accurately by a fluent speaker and boost your website’s SEO effectively.