Steps to follow when Re-branding Your Business To Reach Into A New Market

There could be any number of reasons that drives different companies to re-brand. More often than not, the primary reason is to engage with a new audience in a previously untapped market; whether regionally or globally.  Perhaps it’s because the image of their business is stale and quite noticeably from an older era. The clear benefits of increased growth in size and scale, reach to a new consumer base, or a general shift in the direction of the company are too hard to ignore.

Why re-brand?

The main reason businesses find, it’s not that they’ve changed, but the world has changed. Your first step is to identify the problem, if you don’t know what you’re fighting, your plan of action is like walking against a hurricane wind. Most likely, the audience mood has shifted. The most common reasons for this is the millennial generation weren’t brought up with your product in their childhood. The other is, the competition might have stiffened.

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How to go about it

Find out what resonates with the public about your brand. Then make a human interest story that revolves around the reasons the public have communicated to you. For example, Subway’s Jared campaign was about an overweight man with health problems, who was addicted to fast food, at nothing but Subway food for a few months and lost an incredible amount of weight. Additionally, seek advice from a professional like Cefar Marketing who can conduct research to pinpoint the key areas to focus on.

Don’t go overboard

All the while avoid changing the entirety of your image. The coloring may be changed, but a logo is a complete no-go zone. When consumers shop logos of brands they like or have had a good experience with jump out at them in the form of a visual cue. Be mindful you don’t overstep the mark by make changes that leave your business unrecognizable.


Evaluate what could be shortened or made ‘catchier.’ This might mean your business name be cut down in syllables thus easier to remember e.g. in 1994 FedEx, used to be known as Federal Express. After a year of research, the company found that there were simply too many businesses with those words in their company name or motto. It was decided the following year to change the logo and name to what you know it as now, and it stuck with the consumer market ever since.

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Quirky ad campaign

By bringing your company mascot to life, you create a character which can relate to people. A broad image might seem like it appeals to all comers, but personalizing your brand into one focal point, like an interesting character or story line in the form of an ad campaign, sticks better with consumers. Who remembers the Cadbury, gorilla drummer?


During this period of uncertainty, you must be checking the impact of your re-branding around the clock; preferably every hour. Compare the number of online sales, visits to your website, views of your ad campaign, the user left reviews, shares, likes and comments on social media and even the results of face-to-face questionnaires your team has done on the high street. If something isn’t working, don’t pull the plug immediately, leave a day or two for it to ferment in people’s minds. If the negatives haven’t changed, revert to the original as soon as you can to cushion the loss of traffic or profit to your business.


Advertising In The Digital Age

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Marketing has been around for thousand of years so coming up with a new and creative idea is not easy at all. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, but since marketing has always been necessary, invention is a lot more difficult. There are lots of things that you can do to promote your company, including sponsoring local events, attending trade shows or organising competitions. None of these ideas are particularly original, but that does not mean that they are not effective. Consumers like companies who spend time and money on things that benefit their community rather than just themselves so helping out a local charity or becoming involved in youth sports events are both good ideas. They will earn you respect, but they are not going to get you global attention. If you want to make sure everyone knows who you are and the products or services that you offer, you need to think about other possibilities. One of these is the internet.  

As of last year, just under half of small businesses did not have a website. The 46% who have still not embraced the power of online marketing are not likely to succeed beyond their local area. It is simply not feasible to expect customers on the other side of the country to somehow find out about that business. A lot of people who need something will just put it into Google and click through the first few results. This is why it is important not only to have a place for them to visit but also to work on your SEO rankings. Search engine optimization is the discipline of ensuring that your site is considered by Google to have authority. The way in which this is calculated is by assessing how many other sites link to that site. If you want to get ahead, you need to get around. If people talk about you, they will find you more, and you’ll be visible and more successful.

However, to get people talking, you need to get their attention. There are lots of ways of doing this too. Digital media has opened up so many possibilities for businesses that lots of people are now hiring dedicated curators of their online brand. One of the most effective ways of reaching people is by using video production. It is no accident that everybody now knows what a viral video is. The infrastructure of YouTube combined with social media means that a video can be viewed by millions of people overnight. All you have to do is make sure that it is your video. The science of what creates an effective viral marketing campaign is still rather inexact, but there are lots of good examples to try to emulate.   

One thing that is certain though is that social media is here to stay. If your company does not have a Twitter account, a Facebook page and maybe even an Instagram feed, you will likely already be behind your competitors. It is easy and free to use these services and a brilliant way to communicate with your customers.

Turning Your Home Into Your Workplace

It’s no secret that we are living in a generation where the greatest amount of people have turned to freelance work since history began. Maybe it’s because we’ve got more people in the world, but generally speaking, it’s just a lot easier for the majority of creatives. Who wouldn’t want to? Being able to work as and when you like is something that a lot of us have down as a distant dream. The truth is, it’s achievable – but it’s not as easy as it seems.

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Getting The Work Space You Need

You need to decide where you are going to be working from. Whether it’s a designated room in your home, a rented office or even your bed – it needs to a space where you can work efficiently. When you are self employed, you need to have the same sort of motivation that you had in your last employed place of work, if not a little bit more. Differentiating between a place where you can sit and relax and somewhere that you need to gear yourself up to work can be hard, especially if you are used to stepping into an office and cutting yourself off from relaxation time until you get home. This is why you need to get into a good state of mind when it comes to working from home and be able to really set aside a place to work efficiently from. If you know that you will put things off around the home and do need a different place to work from, hiring a room or an office could definitely be the way to go.

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Battling The ‘Norm’

You need to steer clear of the freelance dream for quite a while – at least until you have fully established yourself and can stick to a routine. There is so much temptation to ditch everything and go for lunch out with friends, or maybe have a few drinks the night before you reach a deadline – just because you have the chance to do it at home – but it’s important to remember that it is work. This means that you can’t quite get away with doing things which you wouldn’t even dream of doing if you were employed by a business rather than yourself. It’s not practical, it’s not setting a good example for yourself (and yes, this is a time when you need to be a role-model for you and you only) and it will set you up to fail; there is no way that you will be able to make your wealth at home by thinking this way. Know when your working times are and stick to them religiously. Even if you have no work as such to do, there are so many other things that can be done; accounting, admin, sorting out emails or even just marketing yourself for more work. There is a never ending list of jobs that can be undertaken when you sit down and think about it. Take the time to note down everything that you know that you can do when work dries up and set your mind to that.

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Switch Off Social Media

Unless you are using it specifically for work purposes, turn it off. Disable your push notifications on your smartphone and try to resist the urge to type the address of any social media platform into your URL bar. There is no need for any distractions, and that is just what they are; hours can be spent trawling through people that you barely know, only for you to lose motivation to do any work yourself and put it off until the next day – or forever. There is definitely a sense of addiction to social media currently, with the dopamine hormone being released each time we check it and see a like or new notification. If you wouldn’t be allowed to check your phone in a workplace where you are employed by somebody else, stop checking it in your own work time. These rules are put in place for a reason, and we would do better to take on such rules from big companies and utilize them for our own advantage rather than defying them and doing differently. There are times when it is needed; if you are specifically an internet marketer or are a social media manager, then you can’t avoid it. For pretty much every other job out there, it is a nuisance and something that needs nipping in the bud before it starts to take over.

Apart from that, it’s your own drive which will determine just how much you will be able to make your home your workplace. Set yourself targets each day and try your best to beat them.


3 Innovative Uses Of Content Marketing

These days, we hear lots of different marketing terms being thrown around. Thanks to the digital revolution, the vast majority of business marketing now takes place online, and it can be a very competitive arena. Most of us are aware of the various platforms on which our businesses are expected to engage with online – Facebook, Twitter, a corporate website – but are you using yours for the best? Good online marketing isn’t just setting up a social media account and waiting for the clients to flood in. You have to make your online presence much more multi-dimensional to attract legitimate customers, and potentially people who will come to use your service time and time again. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging in a phenomenon known as content marketing. Content marketing is a way to get customers to pay attention to your site and what it is you do without aggressively vying for their attention. Most modern consumers can smell a hard sell from a mile off, and it immediately makes them less inclined to approach your business. Remember, the customer likes to feel as though they are in control, and that they are the ones calling the shots. So, what exactly is content marketing, and how can you use it to benefit your business? There are plenty of different types, so it all depends on what you think will work best for you. Here are a few examples you may want to choose from.

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If you work in a particularly exciting industry, or if you simply have a lot to say, a company blog can be a huge asset to your content marketing strategy. Consumers who have found your site are, by default, interested in what it is you do. Therefore a blog that expands on your company, and what goes on behind the scenes, can give the client a better idea of whether they’d like to work with you or not. Many corporate companies alienate their audiences by appearing too straight-laced, so a friendly blog can be a good way to break the ice with your followers. You will also be pleased to learn that company blogs are part of the blueprint for a successful seo strategy. Search engines naturally favor quality, relevant content, so if this is what you are producing on your blog, you are more likely to show up higher in Google rankings.

Video content

It’s little secret that the modern consumer is a bit on the lazy side. Thirty years ago the public would have to read through a lengthy brand description before they even thought about parting with their cash. Now, however, we live in a culture of instant gratification – consumers want to know what they are getting immediately, and if it doesn’t interest them, they will move on. One of the best ways to up your content marketing game is to rely on moving image to capture your audience. Think about all the opportunities your audience has to watch a promotional video – when they are getting ready in the mornings, on their lunch break, on the commute to work. Video marketing is multi-sensory, and that is what makes it so effective for many brands. Sit down with your most creative team and think about how you could make video work for your brand.

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Ever considered how boring the internet would look without images? Big blocks of text on websites and social media alike are big turn offs for most consumers. Consider breaking up your text with various images, and make sure they are right for your brand. Remember, images can be extremely emotive for the customer. If your company is a luxury lifestyle brand, you will want the images you use to reflect that. So, that means no grainy, shaky images featuring entirely the wrong demographic. Think about how your audience will relate to the pictures you use: do you want them to view them in an aspiration manner? Do you want the images to reassure them, or to inspire them? If you have to, you can use websites such as Flickr to find copyright-free images that you can use as part of your content marketing. But if you want to make an impact, it’s best that you source your own photos instead. If you or someone else you work with is a dab hand with a camera, you might be able to get away with doing it yourself. But more often than not, you will need to hire a professional photographer. Not only will your online presence look better, your clients will start to engage with you more too.

Four Ways To Make Your Company’s Online Presence Shine

One of the best ways that you can get plenty of business these days is by making sure that you have a fantastic online presence. Not only will this mean that people can find you easily and discover what you do, but it also means that you can present yourself and your business to the world in a way that you choose. Here are some tips on how you can make your online presence shine.

Make Your Site Easy To Use

First of all, make sure that your site is easy to use. This might sound pretty obvious, but how many times have you signed onto a company website just to find it pretty much impenetrable? Make what you do and your company’s mission statement absolutely clear on the front page of the site, and make sure that it’s completely user friendly and intuitive to use. The best way to ensure that this has worked is to get people to test it fully before it goes online – and the more testers, the more reliable your results will be. You should also make sure that you have a contact page with your email address, phone number and postal address, so that people can contact you any way that they want.

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Get On Social Media

Social media is an easy and effective way to get your message out there. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram mean that it’s easy for people to contact you and to stay updated with what you and your company are up to. It’s also an easy way for you to keep people updated with any issues you might be having – for instance if a delivery’s going to be late then you can tweet about it before contacting the individuals who might be affected one by one, so that people get the information as quickly as possible. Make sure that if you’re a company that’s related to visual design or art in any way, you have an Instagram profile to show off your work.

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Hire Some IT Professionals

If you aren’t particularly practiced at IT, then it’s time to call in the big guns. It’s okay to delegate tasks sometimes – talk to companies like Brennan IT who can provide IT services for you, taking a lot of the stress off your shoulders and providing a service which is – let’s face it – better than the one that you with your limited technology knowledge could provide.

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Create A Company Voice

Finally, make sure that your company has its own idiosyncratic voice. We’ve all seen those cringey Twitter feeds that are written in a wooden, embarrassing way that makes it look as though the writer is trying to be down with the kids and absolutely failing. If you think you might veer into that sort of territory, it’s time to hire a social media and communications expert who you can work with to create your own company voice that’s friendly, amusing and informative. Remember that your social media is a way for you to present yourself positively to people, so stay professional at all times.