A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO can often seem daunting and complicated to beginners. So, if you want to improve your understanding of it, read this introductory beginner’s guide. Then you can put what you learn into practice on your website.

What Is It?

SEO is a form of marketing that focuses on growing visibility on search engine results pages. There are both technical and creative things that can be done to improve your ranking on these pages. Sometimes, getting your approach to SEO right is about making sure your website’s structure is able to maximise your ranking. And you will also need to think about the words you use on your website and what kind of content you fill your website with. All these things are relevant.

Why Is It Necessary?

The major search engines, like Google and Bing, are responsible for driving the vast majority of activity online. So, this means that if you don’t get SEO right, you will be putting your website at a major disadvantage. No website is going to be much of a success if it’s impossible to find it through the major search engines. But if you do manage to strike the right SEO balance, you’ll find that your web traffic increases dramatically. And that is surely exactly what you want.


You should always be focused on inserting the correct keywords into your content. This is the most important thing to learn how to do when it comes to SEO. The keywords you use need to correspond to the keywords that other people use when they are searching on sites like Google. Think about what your website is offering and what people might put into Google if they were looking for what you offer. These are the keywords you should be using throughout your website, its tags and its content. Visit nustudio.net.au for more help with keywords and other SEO issues.

Fresh Content

Your content needs to be fresh at all times. If you want to increase traffic, it’s vital to update your content regularly and often. Think about it, people love to read content that’s new and fresh. They don’t want to read something that’s already months out of date. And what’s good for readers is also good for search engines. That means how fresh your content is will affect your ranking on search engine results pages. So, make sure you don’t let your blog content get past its sell by date.


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Social Media

Having fresh content is important, but it’s even more important to make sure that the content is then distributed on social media. If you’re not doing this, you will not only lose out on visitors to your website, you’ll also be damaging your wider approach to SEO. By linking back to your content on social media, you will be able to make sure that links are coming from all directions. This is because people should will share your link and this will build up search engine trust in your content.

Everything You Need To Know About Changing Your Company Culture

As a small business, there will be a point in the future where things will have to change. Unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest issues you will deal with. After several years of doing things in a certain way, it can be difficult to make those top-down changes. But it has to be done – it could mean the difference between success and failure

So, today, I thought I would go through some of the simple steps you should take to start those changes. There will be anxiety, fear, and even, possibly, trouble. But these tips should help you face those problems and get through it. Let’s get started.


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Define why you are changing

Change in company culture comes for one reason: to fix things. Perhaps your business isn’t performing as it should, or maybe you need to make fundamental changes to allow for growth. Either way, there is only one right way to approach change – with a firm plan in place. You’ll need to identify those areas that are causing problems at the root, from the top down. Start with engaging your leadership team, but don’t forget to get the views of your employees. One on one interviews might take a long time, but you may get better ideas from people who are uncomfortable about talking in large meetings.

Target your problems head on

Once you know why you need to change, it will be easier for you to see the barriers and obstacles in front of you. Prioritize everything and approach each problem as you see fit – but always refer to your overarching strategy. Use your plan as a guideline, and create checkpoints that you can use to judge your success. Things might change over time, and you might find even better ways of changing your company culture. This is fine – as long as it doesn’t blur the bigger picture.

Lead from the front

As I mentioned above, successful change always starts at the top. You will be far more likely to win the hearts and minds of your employees if you are seen to be embracing those changes yourself. You can’t expect the culture of your company to change if you aren’t prepared to act like you are an employee, too. As Per Wickstrom notes in an interview with Examiner, it gives you the chance to make those important strategic decisions come to life.

Start new training programs

Whenever there is a change in any company, it’s clear that you will need new skills and talents. It’s important to give your employees the opportunity to learn new skill sets – it’s a far cheaper way of plugging the gaps than hiring new faces. Plus, of course, it will keep your employees happy. People like to know that they have an opportunity for personal growth, not just swelling the company coffers. You will also need to look at new pay and benefits structures.

Monitor performance

Finally, it’s vital that you monitor all aspects of the change in culture. You need reference points in place so that you can judge if things are working or not. There are some interesting ideas about this over at Boundless.com – take a read and see what you think!

SEO and Link Building Advice For Website Owners

All website owners will have to engage in SEO and link building at some point. It’s the best way to make sure your site appears in the correct listings with major search engines. Google’s algorithms are complicated, but most experts agree that backlinks make a real difference. With enough of them, your site could appear in the number one spot for your chosen keywords. With all that in mind, the advice on this page should help you to make a start.


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Add relevant keywords and phrases to your content

Search engines use crawlers to search through your site and determine the best possible ranking. You can make sure they get it right first time by including certain keywords. Do not make the mistake of writing your content around those words and phrases. You need to create quality text that offers value to the reader. Even so, it should be possible to include lots of the right terms naturally. Do that for your entire site, and you will notice a positive difference within a couple of weeks at the latest.

Ensure your pages are titled properly

Using the right titles for your pages is critical if you want to appear in the correct positions within search engine listings. You also need to set the right tags to ensure the crawlers understand your website. Thankfully, there are plugins you can use for WordPress sites that do all the hard work on your behalf. However, lots of site owners now decide to use professional services. There are hundreds of different SEO firms out there at the moment that could help.

Create lots of backlinks

As we said only a moment ago, backlinks are going to make your site appear more popular. In turn, that should ensure you rise the rankings quickly. Publishing guest posts that contain a link to your website is always a wise move. There are thousands of bloggers who will allow you to do that for a small fee. However, sometimes a press release service might come in handy. You can publish news designed to attract the interests of journalists. In some instances, it is okay to include a link back to your website. With a bit of luck, the media companies will use that link when creating their news articles.

Achieve genuine popularity

The best way to build links to your website is to become genuinely popular. Publish great content that people want to read and offer upmarket services. That is guaranteed to help improve your ranking with Google and the other search engines. Genuine popularity is preferable because it doesn’t fade quite as quickly. You never know when blog owners are going to remove your links and send you back to square one. However, that shouldn’t make too much of a difference if you’re genuinely popular because you will get more.
That advice should be enough to ensure your website starts to receive lots of traffic. Dealing with SEO and link building always involves hard work. Even so, both techniques can produce amazing results when applied properly. Remember that as you move forward and try to take every step with SEO in mind. There are no guarantees in this world, but you can always improve your chances of success.

Do I Really Need A Website?


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You wouldn’t believe that some people still avoid creating a website in the digital age. To a certain extent, I can understand the hesitation. There’s still a sense that building a website is difficult and complex. And, there are certain industries or individuals who aren’t convinced they even need a website. Small local businesses or churches, for example often claim they have no use for a website. Well, I’m hear to tell you that a website is incredibly useful, whatever your business or organisation. Here’s why.

Firstly, it’s easier than you think

A lot of people put off their first website because of the effort or difficulty involved. Admittedly, in the past, this was certainly true. It required extensive knowledge of coding and programming. You needed a little web design knowledge too. Nowadays, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You can set up a website without knowing a single line of code. There are easy platforms to help you build a website specific to your industry or organisation. You can build church websites or create an online shop in only a few hours.

It’s the first place people look for information

Consumer habits have changed drastically over the last ten years. When looking for information, our first instinct is to look online. If we hear about a company, we automatically Google them to find out more. If we need a service or a product, we look online. If you run any modern business or organization, it’s your job to make yourself visible. Make sure you appear when people start looking for you!

You can target the right audience

The best thing about the internet is the ability to target a niche audience. If your local business has already reached its entire target audience offline, it’s time to move into the digital realm. You can find people who are interested in your product or service all over the world. And you can sell to them quickly and easily.

It boosts sales. In any industry

No matter what industry you work in, a website will quickly boost your sales. You have the ability to reach far more people, and you’re accessible all the time. It’s not just your ecommerce website that works well here. You can create and build social media platforms that feed into your website. All of this social activity will help boost your sales and profits.

Showcase your work

Even if you can’t sell directly through your website, you can use it to show off your work. If you’re a writer, you can create a portfolio of your best work. You can do the same if you’re a photographer or graphic designer. Although you’re not directly selling anything, it will boost your presence and reputation. It will draw in potential leads, and you it might just boost your enquiry list.

Remember, a website keeps working even when you’re not. While you’re asleep, your website can process orders and take work requests. Your content keeps spreading online. Your website is a 24 hour assistant. No more excuses, it’s time to get started!

Business And Insurance: Make Sure You’re Fully Protected


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What business owners may not be aware of is that they need a certain number of services to help protect them and their company. One of those services is insurance because it guards against high, lump sum fees that can cripple you. However, most companies are lacking when it comes to insurance, mainly because they are unaware of the dangers and the benefits. In all honesty, the dangers are high without it and the benefits varied with it. Here’s what most firms need when it comes to insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

2015 is one of the most dangerous periods is business history. Thanks to what used to be known as frivolous lawsuits, anyone can sue you for damages. All it takes is an external source to come into your business and trip over, and you could be in deep trouble. The logic is that your workplace should be fit and should provide a certain amount of safety when you enter the building. Obviously, you have to try as hard as possible to make it as safe as possible, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Public liability insurance is your safety net should anyone decide to take you to court as it pays for compensation and legal costs.


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Professional Liability Insurance

Unless you make a client sign a waiver form, they can sue you if your services are negligent. In business, errors of judgement and or omissions are a part of life. Clearly, you try as hard as possible to provide the best service possible. But, sometimes you make mistakes, and when you do you need cover because people will sue.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your business property is the place where the magic happens. It is the building where you and your team go to work and attempt to propel the company further ahead in the market. But, it is also susceptible to damage, and the damages can be incredibly expensive. For example, disasters such as a fire or an earthquake may mean you need to renovate totally or even move properties. The odds are that you don’t have the money to cover the costs, but the insurance company does have the cash. For more information on property insurance, find insurance quotes at Business Insurance Quotes. They cover a wide range of policies, from workers’ compensation to property insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

You may need to buy this type of insurance by law. Unless you can prove that you are capable of self-insuring and good at managing risk, you need it by law. Even if you only have employees that work on a short-term or part-time basis, you should always invest in this type of insurance. Employees can quite easily injure themselves at work or become ill, and if they do they might ask for compensation. The amounts can be very large, large enough to hurt a business with the payments. Workers’ insurance covers the compensation payments and the legal costs too.

Most people think that one insurance policy is enough, but as you can see you need several to cover every angle.