Here’s Why I Sucked At Digital Marketing (And What I Did To Fix That)

Some people are under the illusion that digital marketing is a simple and easy process. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! The thing is; digital marketing is a complicated and often confusing animal.

There are dozens of things you need to remember before setting up any marketing campaign. And, let’s not forget how the SEO world is also evolving at a fast pace. In other words; what was OK yesterday might not be “the done thing” today!

I won’t lie about it; I sucked at digital marketing when I first tried it out. But, as I increased my knowledge of the topic, so did my skills. Nowadays, I make sure I only use tried and tested methods. And I avoid the ones that offer little to no return.


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If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, let me share with you some tips on how I improved my skills!

Don’t generalize

The one thing that many people get tripped up by is their lack of knowledge. They are what you might call a “Jack of all trades” (but a master of none). If you can’t get your head around certain specialisms, it’s best to pay someone else to do that work for you.

Concentrate on what you’re good at doing, and streamline those skills. Don’t be someone that claims to know everything but, in reality, hasn’t got a clue!

It’s OK to go back to the classroom

Do you do want to be an expert in certain disciplines of digital marketing? If so, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. You can only learn about a new skill if someone teaches it to you. Sure, you can go down the self-taught route. But, what happens if you end up learning the wrong stuff?

I recommend enrolling with a digital marketing academy to help you boost your skills set. That way, you won’t end up applying incorrect or outdated methods to your campaigns.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

The golden rule of marketing is to try out variations of what you’re doing. For example, let’s say that you want to run an ad campaign on Facebook. It would be a bad idea to just use one ad and hope for the best.


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You are better off trying a few variations of your ad. Each one could have different wording or images. Over a short period, you can determine which ones get viewed and clicked on the most. No-one on Earth can come up with a magical marketing plan for you. Marketers won’t admit it, but a lot of what they do is down to pure trial and error!

Stick with it for the long haul

Digital marketing seldom involves short campaigns. Why? Because you need the time to increase your audience reach! You can’t expect amazing results if you’re only willing to run a marketing campaign for just one day!

That’s why it makes sense to develop a long-term strategy. That way, you can tweak your campaign where necessary to achieve the best results.

Good luck with your digital marketing campaigns!


My Tips On Expanding Your Online Business To An International Level

If you own an online business, I think there is an excellent chance that you are dealing with at least some international customers. That means you are going to have to know how to handle international transactions. If you want to expand your business online, moving yourself to the international market is the way forward. Here are some tips on how to handle this type of move.

Dealing With The Money

As the owner of an online business if you are dealing with international trade, you’re probably going to need to take into account one of two issues. Either, you will be paying for goods abroad and importing them into your company. Or, you’ll be getting paid for services or products that you’re supplying internationally. If you need to transfer money abroad, this must be done delicately. You can’t rush it, and you certainly should not orchestrate it through normal means. Instead, I recommend you contact a professional company that handles these transactions. That way you can guarantee your money and investments will be safe.

When you are importing and exporting goods and services to other countries, you must abide by trade regulations. This includes the country to which you are dealing as well as your home country. It’s a good idea to get the advice of a lawyer when handling these types of transactions as you don’t want to make any mistakes.

Marketing Your Business Globally

You may just be starting to dip your toes in the water of international dealings. But you know how profitable they can be so you’re eager to get started. If that’s the case, you need to start marketing your business to an international audience. I think the place to start is by hiring a business that specializes in Global SEO. You may want to try and complete the SEO yourself through the typical methods. But usually Global SEO is more difficult as you are dealing with a huge competition, a global market. It’s going to be harder to get your business noticed by this type of audience.

I also recommend that you consider hiring a marketing specialist. They will be able to help you make a big impression on the market and ensure that your business is successful.

Of course, you should also be using the typical forms of social marketing. For instance, I strongly advise that you update your online profiles regularly. Let your followers know that your business is expanding.

Don’t Neglect Your Current Market

When businesses expand to an international level, they tend to forget about the market they were previously on. In effect, they let go of a lot of their local customers. You should not make this mistake because expanding to an international business level is expensive. You may not find yourself successful at first, and if that’s the case, you’ll be dependant on the loyalty of your previous clients. At least, until you find your footing.



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Outsource These Jobs And Watch Your Business Thrive


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Outsourcing is a clever way for you to get jobs done for your business, without having to interview loads of candidates. Here are four jobs I think you should outsource:

Marketing Jobs

It’s a great idea that you look to outsource all of your businesses marketing. Instead of trying to deal with it in-house, get a professional agency to do so. They’ll be far more experienced and know exactly what to do. So many times a small business will attempt to market their business by themselves. They struggle to see results and eventually turn to an agency. Within a matter of months, things will turn around, and they’ll be seeing far more customers.

Marketing is vital for every business. Imagine living in a world where no one used marketing. How would you find out about some businesses? You wouldn’t! Marketing is the main way of getting yourself known and seen by a large audience.

Financial Planner

Hiring a financial planner, or going to a financial planning company, is a splendid idea for your business. The benefits of this are huge; it can help you out massively. For starters, some financial planners will help you get all your accounts in order. They can help you make any investments that will further benefit your business. Verdure Financial Planning Solutions even offer business insurance help. This means you can make sure your business always has the means to pay for things, like expenses.

Financial planning is a very important aspect of the business world. No matter how small your company is, don’t overlook this key thing! Make sure you find a financial planning business that can help you out. Or, look for an independent financial planner.

HR Department

I always recommend that business owners outsource their HR work. When you dive into things, you realise just how huge a HR department is. Human Resources will cover a wide range of things, from employee sickness to any legal issues. As a result, you will require lots of staff to work in the HR department. If you’re a small business, you don’t have the ability to do this! Hiring lots of staff members is very costly, and takes up a lot of room. It would mean spending money on a very large office, which makes it cost even more!

You’re way better off just outsourcing HR work to a company that can handle it. There’s no downside to outsourcing; you get all the same functions as you would if they worked in-house. And, you get all the benefits that outsourcing brings. For example, it’s cost-effective and doesn’t take up lots of space in your office.

Web Designer

If there’s one thing all businesses need, it’s a website. And what does that mean? You’ll need someone to design it of course! Is there much point in hiring a web designer to work for your business full time? No, no there is not. It’s much better if you outsource this job to a freelancer. They can design your website and then be on their way.

This is such a small job compared to the others on this list, but it’s just as important. Websites are crucial if you want to move your business into the digital age.

Catastrophic Business Mistakes People Are Still Making In 2015

Mistakes-Precious Life Lessons

Mistakes-Precious Life Lessons

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We live in 2015, which is to say we are a far more knowledgeable and civilised world than we have ever been. Or, so you would think. Let’s take business as an example. Nowadays, we are operating at a level that is far beyond any level of past generations. Why? It is because we have created technology that has taken over and has almost made succeeding easy.

Still, even with advances in technology, we are making silly mistakes that can have huge impacts on our business. In 2015, no one can continue to make these mistakes any longer as the competition has resources available to leave us in the dust. The answer is as obvious as it is simple: stop making mistakes. But, wherever you look, people cannot stop it and it is hard to find an answer as to why.

Luckily, writing this blog has given me an outlet. So, instead of watching people make the same mistakes and doing nothing, I can now offer advice. It is time to clear a few things up before they spiral out of control.

Not Using SEO

Whether you like it or not, marketing has changed forever. Television and radio are longer the undisputed kings because the Internet has taken over. As search engines have become more influential, they have come up with an algorithm that ranks websites on their site. But, why is that important? In basic terms, it all boils down to traffic. Traffic on a website is like the amount of people that come into a store: the more people in the store, the bigger the chance of making money. That transfers to the digital world, too, which is something you have to exploit. If you can appear on the first page of a search on a consistent basis, your website, hopefully, make more money.

Underestimating Social Media

‘Social media is fun, but it has no place in business’ is possibly the biggest overstatement in the history of business. In 2015, social media and business are inextricably linked. Again, social media is a great advertising tool because it can reach millions of people in seconds. Plus, it is free. Where else can you find that sort of effective tool for free? Plus, it is an effective R&D tool. If you use Twitter and Facebook correctly, you can start a conversation where the customer tells you what they want. All you have to do then is put it into production.

Some social media outlets, like LinkedIn, will provide you with the opportunity to create new business contacts, too.

Refusing To Outsource

Outsourcing has many potential benefits, but one is more important than anything else. Outsourcing saves you money, and that cannot be denied. Companies will agree to perform your menial tasks for a lower fee than you spend on it every year. And, they will do it better than you ever could! From that evidence alone, it is obvious suicide not to outsource certain jobs, but people are still sceptical. If you are a small to medium business, you cannot afford to be sceptical. There is a reason companies around the world don’t take care of their phone requirements.

Thinking That Hiring A Professional Is Too Expensive

On the face of it, it is not hard to see why people think hiring pros is a negative. There are no two ways about it: they are expensive. As a result, most people are scared away by the price tag. A lot of businesses think they can find a cheaper alternative that is just as good. What they don’t realise is that those alternatives don’t exist. They don’t exist because, simply, why would they charge that much less? Yes, they might take some of their competitions’ custom, but not enough to warrant a significant drop in price. And, in the long-term, they often end up paying more for a lesser standard. Take I.T as an example. You could pay companies such as Netstar to fix your IT issues in a timely and efficient manner, or you pay a lesser company who takes twice as long. The result is that your business is disrupted for longer than needed because you didn’t want to pay that little bit extra.

Thinking Talent Is Enough

It is not. The most talented people on the planet never got to where they are by doing the bare minimum, and neither can you. There is a certain amount of hard work that has to go into running a business. Otherwise, it is doomed to fail before it has even started. Natural ability will never just be enough, so if you are one of those people, it is time to graft.

Not Continuing Your Education

Learning does not cease to stop when you land a great job or start a company. In fact, learning only just begins after you have finished your formal education. There is so much that school and high learning doesn’t teach you about the workplace, so you need to learn quickly. Also, a willingness to learn will set you apart from the crowd. Business is incredibly competitive in the modern era, so anything that can help you stand out is a must.

Giving Up When It Gets Tough

I am not one for the macho ‘never give up’ nonsense because some things just don’t work out how you planned. That’s okay, as long as you give it your best shot. Giving up because things suddenly got difficult is not giving it your best shot. You will face adversity in business – in fact, if you don’t, you should be suspicious – but you need to be strong. There are examples galore of businesses that wouldn’t have made it if they quit but are now multibillion-dollar companies. It is a long shot, but it could be you!

All above one thing in common: they could be the difference between success and failure. Whether they save you money, time or they save you face, those little details are often what helps businesses come out on top.

Great Tips For Selling Your Online Business


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When you have been running your online business for a long time, it can start to get quite profitable. So profitable in fact that you might a) get bored and need a new challenge or b) have made enough money to no longer need it. It might be hard to fathom for some business owners right now.  But eventually you will be reaching that point, and that’s when you are going to think about selling your company. So, the first question you need to ask is when you do you start preparing for this sale?

Well experts recommend that you start thinking about a future sale as soon as your company enters the market. The reason for this is that way you don’t have a final rush to get everything in order. Here are some tips to make sure selling your business goes smoothly.

Keep Your Records Up To Date  

Understand that when you sell a business it is like any other commodity. A potential buyer needs to see it as a worthy investment, and they won’t be able to do this if you don’t have a good record of your spending, taxation etc. It is kind of like selling a car. You would not expect someone to buy a car without a history, and you can’t expect someone to buy a company without one either. A potential business owner will want to know a company’s past so they can start planning for it’s future with them as the owner.

Have A Strong Employee Base

You need to be constantly checking if your employees are the best team available. If they’re not it might be time to start thinking about hiring and firing before trying to sell your company. You need to have a strong employee base that a new owner can rely on. As a business owner, it’s understandable that you are going to be taking a lot of the responsibility running the business. But if to work, it relies on you completely you are going to have difficulty finding a potential buyer. You need to show them they have a team they can rely on and that they will not have to wipe the board clean on day one.

Plan For When You Have Gone

You probably never thought about helping the next owner run your company, but you should. You should be able to show future buyers that there is a plan they can use to keep your company profitable after they buy it. If they choose to liquidate the company after the sale, that’s their decision but you should give them the option of moving forward. Show them not just what your company is when they will be buying it, but what it could grow into.

Hire A Broker

If you want to get the best deal selling a business, you’re going to need to hire a broker. They will target potential buyers who will want your company. They will also walk you through the steps of a successful sale and will already know both buyers and investors. This is a service that is pivotal to the successful sale of your business.

Once you’re happy, you will agree on terms and sign on the dotted line. After that congratulations, your business is off your hands and you have made a successful profit. You can now take on new venture from scratch if you want the challenge.  Or, settle into a comfy retirement away from the market.