4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your IT Resources

Computers have completely revolutionized the way we conduct business. In today’s world, you’d be hard pushed to find a company that doesn’t use this brilliant technology in one form or another. In spite of their omnipresence, only a small percentage of business is getting the most out of their IT facilities. Are you one of them?

You may think you are but the truth is that the world of computers have progressed massively over the past decade or so. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. After all, you wouldn’t be happy if other forms of the business weren’t acting as efficiently as physically possible.

Here are four things your business should be doing to get the most out of its computer resources.

Going Paperless

One of the main benefits of computers is that they can help streamline the business. What better way to achieve that then going paperless.

Employing a cloud computing system is often the most efficient and safest way of storing your files. Moreover, it makes it a lot easier to locate them. No more spending a whole afternoon looking for that account dopey Darren misplaced last Thursday.

Better still, the added access will promote better staff productivity in the field. Do you really need another reason to start utilising this technology?

Hire Professional Help

Arguably the best way to get the most out of your computer resources is to seek the advice of the experts who deal solely in this area of business.

Getting the help of an experience IT consulting company will allow them to analyse what you are already doing and suggest the best ways to take your computing output to the next level. Better still, it can help you make significant savings by cutting down the costs of staff and unnecessary equipment.

You can’t say much fairer than that.

Go Public

Computers are obviously a brilliant tool to aid productivity within the workplace. But are you making the most out of them in terms of boosting your relationship with customers? If not then now is the time to change that.

The majority of people use the internet on a daily basis and a successful website is your portal to recruiting new clients. With additional streams like social media enhancing the user experience, there’s never been a better time to use computers to your benefit.

Staff Training

Every business knows that computer software is the key to unlocking increased productivity. But when it comes to staff training, very few go beyond the very basics of Microsoft Office and staff email.

However, you can send your staff on courses to learn just about any business procedure with the help of computers. In fact, there are even online courses designed for tasks that aren’t even computer related.

By further increasing your staff’s education, you don’t just show them a chance of further career progress. It also allows you to get them to carry out the tasks you desire in an appropriate manner. Fantastic news for everyone.

How To Sell & Support Products Without A Huge Investment

Are you a newly-established business? And do you wish to launch a new product to the market? If the answer to both questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place! As a new startup business, you will doubtless wish to keep your cash flow healthy and spending to a minimum.

The only trouble is; how do you go about doing that? If you do a search on Google, you’ll come across plenty of websites that offer advice on how you should sell your new products. One bugbear about those “helpful” pages is that they don’t offer details on how to do that and save money at the same time!

Check out these top tips to start selling without making a huge investment. Don’t worry; you can thank me later!

Is outsourcing the answer?

During those crucial early stages, all startup business need to spend as little as possible to survive. They have to concentrate their efforts on promoting their brand to the world. That means avoiding things like leasing offices and warehouses and hiring people!

For now, the best strategy to have is to outsource as much of your operations as possible. Identify areas of your business where you can get other firms to handle the work for you at a fixed price.

As your business grows, you can then build up the funding to bring those operations in-house and streamline what you do. So, what things can you outsource? Plenty, as it turns out! Let me give you some examples to help illustrate what I mean:


Almost every product you use each day won’t be made by the brands you use. Instead, they will have got manufactured by an outsourced company. Smart companies stick to designing their products and paying someone else to make them.

If they didn’t, they’d have to invest millions of dollars into manufacturing facilities. Sure, there are some companies that have done so. But they are usually the firms that sell high-end products to consumers and other businesses.


So, what happens when an outsourced company makes the products you’ve designed, and they ship them to you? At that stage, it’s possible to have a distribution company handle the logistics side of your business.

In other words, they can send them out to your customers and take care of courier and shipping costs. All you have to do is pay them a fixed fee each month for their troubles.


You will want your customers to know that you can answer their queries in case they get stuck using your products. Or, perhaps, they might want some pre-sales technical help. As one person, you can’t handle such a mammoth task. Especially when hundreds of people phone you each day!

Instead, using an outsourced call center is the better solution. You provide the firm with details on your products and how to answer particular queries, and they take care of the calls.

You can also get call centers to take care of sales calls and process orders. Many well-known companies outsource their call center needs because of the low overheads involved.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s blog post. Good luck with your endeavors!

The Biggest Ways Mobile Phones Have Effected Business

One of the biggest industry booms of the 21st Century has been that of the smartphone. Mobile phones had been around for years, but it wasn’t until the mid-2000’s they started taking off. We started to see touchscreen smartphones that revolutionised our lives. And that’s not being overly dramatic, it’s a fact. Smartphones have changed a lot in everyday life. But don’t think that it’s just trivial changes, because it’s not. Mobile phones have now had a large effect on the business world as well.

Instead of having a big phone in our pocket that makes calls, we now have a multimedia machine. Business owners can use their phones to conduct business while they’re out and about. They can set reminders for client meetings and chat with them over the phone. They can even video call clients from their mobiles if they have too. The mobile phone has become a personal planner for people in the business world.

Mobile Marketing

But it doesn’t stop there. Mobile devices have actually had a direct influence on certain marketing aspects of a business. Because of the huge amount of mobile users searching the internet, Google have made changes to their mobile search results. Your business now has to have a mobile-friendly site in order to appear high up in mobile search results. It’s a huge change to marketing campaigns as it now means you need to develop a mobile version of your website. The rise of smartphones has also led to a new form of marketing; mobile marketing. Companies can develop apps through which they can promote and market a business. You also have mobile advertisements for your business on various other mobile apps and webpages. It’s a whole new world for marketing experts to tap into.

Also, I touched on it above, but mobile apps have had a big impact in the business world. Mobile application development has become a business in its own right. People are earning a wage developing apps/games for mobile devices. Last year one of the hottest new apps on the market was Snapchat. Snapchat is now essentially a business that earns lots of money per year. It’s predicted Snapchat is worth around 1.9 billion!! All that money from a simple little app that someone developed!

Apps for Business

As I mentioned earlier, businesses are also making their own apps. Huge franchises and businesses are tapping into the mobile app market. App’s are a great marketing tool, but also present a way to make extra money. And as we all now, business success is measured in revenue. Common ways businesses can make money from apps are by charging a download fee or selling ad space on the application.

Mobile phones have changed a lot of things in business. It’s now widely agreed that to be successful, you can’t ignore the mobile market. The increase in smartphone production and use has led to a whole new business world based on ease of access and simplicity. Mobile phones have forced businesses to be more simple and commit to the mobile way of life.

The Key Reasons Why Every Business Needs SEO

seoStarting a business can be a lifelong ambition for many people. Setting up a company based around one of your own ideas, it’s a dream job! For any business owner, there are lots of things to take into account. You need to be sure of how to run your business efficiently, to get the proper success. One of the holding pillars in every business is the marketing side of things.

Marketing is incredibly important and serves a great purpose for businesses. Having a great marketing department can massively improve the overall success of a business. Marketing looks at advertising your company, promoting it to the world. One of the top marketing techniques for business is SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization and is all to do with search ranking. In my opinion, every business needs to adopt SEO techniques, and here’s why:

  • Gets Your Website Noticed
    SEO is the best way to get your site noticed through a search engine. Internet users are constantly using search engines to look for things. Just think how many times a day you Google something, now multiply that by millions. There are millions of people in the world with internet access.  Which means millions of people that can find your site through a search engine. If they find your site, then they’re more likely to use your business.
  • There Are No Extra Costs
    You can adopt SEO techniques that boost your search rank for no extra cost. Unlike a technique like PPC, which makes you pay a fee every time your site is clicked on through a search engine. There are lots of different SEO techniques you can use to benefit your business. Search Engine Optimization revolves around ‘keywords’ and how best to utilize them. Not every business will use the same keywords. E.g. A law firm will look at keywords ideally suited to search engine optimization for Lawyers. Which will be different than search engine optimization for other businesses.
  • Taps Into The Mobile Market
    Search Engine Optimization is a great way to tap into the mobile market. Look for mobile SEO tips and tricks to get your website higher up on mobile search engines. The majority of people in the western world are using mobile phones every day to browse the web. SEO is one of the best ways to get mobile users onto your website. All you need is to make a mobile-friendly version of your website and then apply SEO techniques.
  • Great For Local Business
    Local SEO is a fantastic way to grow your business. It refers to the ‘local’ search results in a search engine. When you search for something, you sometimes find results of places near you, and a link to directions on Google maps. So local SEO is a fantastic way to grow your business locally and get more customers.

In short, SEO is one of the greatest digital marketing techniques for businesses. Adopting an SEO campaign is certain to see your business improve – if you’re currently struggling. You can bet your competitors are using SEO, so why aren’t you?!

Easy Ecommerce Tips For Small Businesses

Easy-Ecommerce-Tips-For-Small-BusinessesE-commerce is essential, so any and all businesses have to cater to it no matter what their size is or their reputation. That means, if you are a small business, you have to make the effort as well. Ecommerce sounds a lot more complicated and intricate than it is, so don’t be frightened by the prospect of getting involved. There are a few ways to get the ball rolling, but here are a few of the easiest ways. These tips should make e-commerce easier and effect for your business.

Have An Online Presence

There are so many purchases made remotely that you have to have an online presence. If you don’t, you are going to lose out potential sales and growth. The best way to implement it into your business is simply to accept credit cards online. An essential factor of e-commerce is directing retail sales straight to the customers. All you need is a credit card processor or a credit card processor partner to exploit an e-commerce strategy.

Make The Phone Ring

With the growth of the internet, it is easy to forget that there are other ways to take sales directly from customers without going into the shop. The first and the most conventional way was the phone, and it is still a great technique today regardless of what other companies say. Not everyone feels comfortable placing orders online because of Internet fraud, so a trusted employee on the end of the phone is a great option. Add a phone number to your website and try to avoid automated systems as they are less personal.

Promote Locality

You are a small business so your customers will be local. Obviously you want that to change as you grow, but you also need to be proud of the fact you are local. In fact, you should promote your locality. The problem with small businesses is the lack of reputation as some people feel they don’t have any options if anything goes wrong. For example, if you buy online from a huge conglomerate, you can always go to the high street to return the item. You can’t do that with a small business. Register with systems like Google My Business so you can get all the information about your business out there.

Quality Content

You won’t be able to compete with other businesses on price, so the standard of your quality has to stand out. It might not seem like a technique to implement an e-commerce strategy, but the more you can impress the online community, the bigger the chance that they will make a purchase.

Show Your Personality

Your e-commerce brand should be formal and show off who you are as a company. Bigger companies might use a different technique, but that doesn’t make it right. When was the last time you read a load of corporate nonsense and related to the company? Never, so don’t do it with your e-commerce strategy.

As a small company, you have to exploit every avenue available to you and e-commerce is the type of technique that you need to implement now.