Four Easy Methods Of Interacting With Customers And Clients

If you want to be effective in business today, you have to ensure that your company feels open to consumers and clients. Customers are used to interacting with their businesses. If you look at fresh company websites, you will see that they have popup boxes. In it you can talk to an employee of the company. Or perhaps it is just an automated response box. Either way it does not matter. What matters is how the business looks. It looks and feels like customers can interact. That is key. How else can you create this effect?

Social Media

As with everything these days, it all comes down to social media. You probably have personal accounts already. But should also have a business Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. If you do not have these set up, they are all a great way for interacting with clients. You can post big business announcements on Twitter. If you are savvy, post a link to an article on a blog you own. Use the blog to talk about different aspects of your business. You will build more interest in your company. You can use Instagram the same way. If there is a big business event like a conference, take a picture and post it on your account. Include a link to your website. FaceBook can be utilized for interacting with customers on a more personal level.

A Great Website

A fantastic, easy to use website works as a big advertisement towards your customers. They see your website is filled with info about your company and maybe even success stories. There are pictures and videos that make your website graphic and vivid. Remember, customers love interaction so using one of those smart boxes we talked about may not be a bad idea. You can have links to your blog and twitter feeds on the side. You can use links to take customers where you want them to go on different articles. This can be to your shop or news about your business industry.

Little Touches

Do not be afraid of interacting with your customers on a personal level. They love it. They like to know that businesses they use care. You can show this by sending greeting cards. This does not have to be for special occasions like Christmas. You can send cards to say: thank you for using your business for the first time. Or we hope you enjoy this product. For more ideas and an example of how to do this look at a website like

A Quick Survey

Finally, you need to take this message on board. Customers know what they want. They know what they like. If you want to improve customer relations all you have to do is listen to them. But first you have to gather information. We recommend doing this with either a survey on your website or an email. If you do it through the post, they will most likely view it as junk. Surveys are always a useful resource. They may be where the next idea to improve your company comes from.


Wonderfully Important Ways to Help Your Freelance Career Thrive

When you decide to embark on a freelance career, you’re going to face obstacles. And they’re obstacles you’re going to have to get around. Use these ideas to help you plan for a fruitful and thriving career.

Be Professional

The most important thing is to make sure you’re professional at all times. You’re representing yourself; it’s not as if you have a large company to hide behind. So you’ve got to be sure you give 110% every time. Clients should be able to see how much effort and work you’ve put into what you do. If you can make sure you’re professional at all times you’ll encourage clients to stay with you. What’s more, you’re going to attract extra business through reputation and word of mouth.


Pay Your Taxes

As a freelancer, you’re going to have a lot more responsibility than ever before. You’ll have to deal with the financial side of things. This is much more convoluted and in-depth than you would ever have to worry about as an employee. This is why you need to bring in expert assistance to figure out your contractor tax and keep everything legal. Sorting out your taxes is a complicated process, and you want to make sure you keep everything above board. So you need to get help in this department.

Keep a Small Client Base

One of the best approaches to take as a freelancer is to make sure you keep your client base as small as possible. You need to have a pool of regular customers who are constantly providing you with work. Get rid of those once in a blue moon clients. They cause extra stress and worry, and they divert attention away from more important and regular projects. Have a trim of your clients and try to only keep hold of a handful of regulars with whom you have a great relationship.

Plan Your Time

You need to make sure you do all you can to plan your time effectively. You’ve got to give yourself plenty of time to finish the work you’re set. It’s important to pace yourself and take the time to get the work just right. You also need to account for any edits or changes that might need to be made. Avoid leaving everything until the last minute; this will result in poor work.

Market Yourself

Because you’re working for yourself, you need to take care of the marketing side of things yourself. It’s vital that you promote and advertise yourself and your services. You need to generate interest in yourself and business where you can. One of the best ways to do this is to create a free website. You can personalize the site to showcase your experience and talents. Never underestimate the importance of having an excellent website.

As a freelancer, it’s important that you do everything you can to help your career thrive. You’re going to have to do a lot of this on your own, and that means a lot of hard work. If you make use of the ideas found on this post, you’ll cover all your bases and help your freelance career blossom.

Run Your Business More Effectively

phone-in-handDreams of starting a business from scratch and turning into a worldwide success drive millions of entrepreneurs forward. Recent advancements in technology and communication have made that a much easier proposition than ever before. Still, the world of commerce remains a fierce battlefield.

Running a business is one thing, but running it well is another altogether. Having create ideas is all well and good, yet they count for very little if you can’t get your head around the concept of successfully overseeing the growth of a company.

There is no set blueprint to running your startup correctly. If a system works, then it is the right choice for your company. However, there are a few things that most small benefits would benefit from implementing.

Employ these three ideas now and your business should have a much greater chance of success.

Streamline Clerical Processes

As a small business owner, you naturally just want to get out and sell your product and services. Unfortunately, admin procedures can often halt productivity. Eradicating this issue, without hiring loads of staff, is a dream.

However, the growing influence of computers now makes that dream a reality. Services like Accountancy Anywhere make it easy to streamline that side of the business. Meanwhile, there are also products on the market to help with a whole host of other admin procedures such as filing.

Keeping this side of the business streamlined virtually saves time and money. Moreover, it maintains an easily organised system by going paperless. It’s a winner on multiple levels.

Work On The Go

Mobile phones are one of the fastest growing technologies in the modern world and those benefits aren’t limited to personal issues. If you have the freelancer directories, then you can keep pushing the business forward even whilst sitting on train journeys between meetings.

The ability to check emails, plan future events, and run freelancer directories while on the move is a real game-changer. With a smartphone in your hand, you’ve literally got a 24/7 portal to your work.

A 20-20 visionary never wastes a second. The smartphone really is your secret weapon. Put down Candy Crush and make the most of this instrumental business tool.


It’s only natural that you want to take care of your business from top to bottom. However, even the most committed entrepreneur will need help from time to time. Rather than hiring dozens of staff, though, you should consider hiring professionals on a freelance basis.

Online freelancer directories now make it easy to hire professionals from a whole range of field. Not only will they get the work done to a great standard for a reasonable price, they won’t be contracted and you only have to pay them for the work. It also makes sense for them to get the work completed quickly, which is exactly what they will strive to do in 99% of cases.

If you also take the savings of buying equipment, specialist equipment and large working premises into account, it’s easy to see why so many startups are utilizing this option.

Six Essential Steps To Franchise Your Business Effectively

business_franchiseBusiness Tips:  Starting a Franchise

When it comes to growth, franchising is a proven technique. In fact, franchising is a proven technique for rapid growth, which is the kind of growth of which all business owners dream. However, turning your business into a franchise isn’t an automatic route to success. You can’t just click your fingers and have brand awareness like McDonald’s. You have to work at it and understand the process before it begins to pay dividends. It is a long and costly process, and even if you do qualify it doesn’t mean you will necessarily find a buyer. To ensure that you do everything in your power to make it a success, follow these tips to becoming a new franchiser.

Is Your Business Ready?

A lot of businesses see the dollar signs and automatically make the decision. Yes, there is a lot of money in franchising, but you won’t see any of it if you get involved prematurely. Firstly, you need to have the track record of sales and profitability at the existing company. If you don’t have this foundation, the transition will never work. But, there is more. Is your concept good enough? Do you have the financials? Are you prepared to change? Or, is there another alternative that is more suitable? Answering these questions will help you determine whether you are ready to be a franchise or not.

Learn The Legal Requirements

You cannot just step up a franchise and go on your merry way. You have to do it legally and go through all the relevant avenues. For example, in America you have to register a Franchise Disclosure Document with the Federal Trade Commission. Other than the national requirements, there might be local regulations that you have to sort out. The local restrictions can be more daunting and expensive than the national ones.

Register As A Franchiser

Once you have all the legal paperwork completed and you have made all the relevant decisions with regards to your business model, submit your business as a franchise. It can take an incredibly long time for the relevant authorities to get back to you, so the sooner you do it, the better. Still, don’t rush into it if you are not ready.

After your submission, the regulatory body will get back to you with any changes that you need to make, as well as critiques that you have to take into consideration. Just when you think you are done, they hit you again!

Hire Prudently

You will need all the help you can get, so hire employees who can focus solely on making the transition into a franchise. Trainers and franchise advocates and can answer any questions and resolve problems that arise.

Advertise Your Franchise

The whole point of the transition is to make more money, right? So, like any business you need to advertise the fact that you are a franchise. If you don’t, no one will invest in the company and that is obviously bad for business. Companies such as Franchise Business Review advertise a wide range of franchises for purchase, from painting companies like CertaPro Painters to carpet cleaning companies like Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. Websites such as these are great ways to create a buzz.

Get Online

The internet is just as important a tool to maximize your brand awareness. An Online presence and SEO is essential for creating traffic and turning traffic into business.

Franchising isn’t easy, but if you follow the tips above you can make your franchise a success and earn a lot of money in the process.

Is culture a bad word now?

I just caught this post from Mark Di Somma called “8 Keys To Transforming Brand Culture

The authors observe: “All too often, leaders see cultural initiatives as a last resort…By the time they get around to culture, they’re convinced that a comprehensive overhaul of the culture is the only way to overcome the company’s resistance to major change. Culture thus becomes an excuse and a diversion, rather than an accelerator and an energizer. But cultural intervention can and should be an early priority—a way to clarify what your company is capable of, even as you refine your strategy.”

I think we’ve gotten to the point that culture is almost something people don’t want to “hear” about – but experience in person.