Facebook Advertising 101

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Want to expand into Facebook?  Facebook has several different types of advertising, and each is idiosyncratic.  Here is a brief overview:

Standard External URL Ads

These are the kind of thing most people associate with the term “Facebook Ads.” They are external links to your website, introduced by a title, some text, and a 110 x 80 pixel image.

External URL ads can be targeted at users based on age, sex, geographic location, and interests.  You may bid either for user clicks or for user impressions.  Your ad will be ranked with other ads for each user, based on your bid, your ad’s quality, and your advertising campaigns’ previous performance.

The general wisdom in SEO circles is that Facebook external URL ads are efficiently priced when bidding for clicks, but inefficiently priced when bidding for impressions.  Facebook representatives have countered that impressions alone are valuable because they increase brand awareness.  Personally, I like ad campaigns with clearly demonstrated and measurable effects, so I would advise against paying for impressions if at all possible.

However, the standard external ads are only a small part of Facebook advertising.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are a unique, and profitable, form of Facebook advertising.  They are stories about people interacting with your company’s page that are given a boost in their ranking system so they appear on more people’s news feeds.

For example, say a user named Jim just Liked your company’s page.  Now, say Jim has a friend named Bob.  Bob has lots of friends and a very busy news feed.  The EdgeRank algorithm, which determines which stories show up on Bob’s newsfeed, would ordinarily determine that Jim Liking something was not newsworthy.  However, you can set up your advertising account to bid for a spot on Bob’s news feed as soon as Jim or anyone else Likes your company.

Like external URL ads, sponsored stories can be paid for either per click or per impression.

Facebook Exchange

Facebook has also introduced a new type of advertising that interfaces with third party data providers called Facebook Exchange.  Facebook Exchange ads use cookie trackers to target Facebook ads to users based on their recent browsing history.  These ads can be targeted very precisely.  For example, an online bookseller could target ads only at people who just visited another online bookseller and reached the checkout page, but did not actually go through with the purchase.  While the thought is still fresh in consumers’ minds, they see a related ad on their Facebook profile.  This technique is known in marketing circles as “retargeting.”

Comparison to Google Advertising

Facebook ads generally have a much lower click-through rate than Google ads.  Facebook users have trained themselves to just skim read all the adspace.  There has also been some pushback from users over sponsored stories cluttering up their news feeds.  In order to do well on Facebook, you must be able to sell people on your product in less than a paragraph.  You also need to have ad images and stories that pop out and get noticed.

However, Facebook advertising has its advantages as well.  In Facebook, you can target your ads to very specific age and demographic groups.  This means that your impressions are being spent where they are needed most.  If you’re up for the extra challenge, you can do well with Facebook advertising.

Steve is a Social Media Manager and Google AdWords Certified Individual at TechWyse, an internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Canada. TechWyse specializes in SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. You can read more of Steve’s writing at TechWyse.com/blog.

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Alternatives Ways for Businesses to Use Social Media

Businesses are learning how to use social media effectively. By running online promotions on social media, it is possible to avoid the expenses of advertising promotional offers. By using incentives to generate likes, a company can reach a large number of users. There are, however, a few additional ways that businesses can use social media.

Online advertising has been shown to be effective, but most businesses stick with traditional pay-per-click advertising services. Facebook and other social media networks, however, have pay-per-click capabilities as well. Businesses should try a campaign on these integrated advertising platforms to see how effectively they work.

Another option is to create social media apps or games. While these will require a large investment, a sponsored game has the potential to attract a steady stream of interested users. It is important to have a great idea for an app or game and use experienced programmers, but this technique has the potential to put a brand name in front of millions of users.

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Pros And Cons Of Adopting Business SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular and effective internet marketing techniques that is used by  webmasters. The reason for its increasing popularity is due to its capability of showing effective results and driving considerable traffic towards a website. However, to achieve success with SEO it requires a lot of effort as well as time; nothing is achieved instantly. Many marketers who lack proper the information might feel unsatisfied with the slow results that they receive. It is very important to have thorough knowledge and efficient skills in order to get the desired results. If you are looking for solutions to effectively utilize the SEO techniques then you can contact the experts of Digital marketing solutions who can guide you through the process.

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English: White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques in search engine marketing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pros of using Business SEO techniques:

There are numerous advantages that a marketer gets by implementing the search engine optimization techniques to their website. Some of the major advantages are listed below:

  • Improved ranking:
    Implementing SEO techniques is the best way to get a good and higher ranking on the search engine results in a genuine and correct manner without being considered a spammer.
  • Greater brand awareness:
    As the ranking improves and you get listed on the top, more and more visitors click through your website and you gain greater brand awareness for your company.
  • Increased  traffic:
    Research shows that 80 percent of visitors click on organic results providing opportunities to increase the website traffic
  • Cost-effective process:
    Another important advantage   of using SEO techniques is that you need not pay any amount to the search engine in order to get listed on the search engines. Therefore it reduces a great amount of costs when compared to paid listings.
  • Targeted Audience:
    Since you target specific keywords, visitors will visit your website only when they are looking for specific information regarding your products and services offered or related content.

Cons of Business SEO techniques:

There are also some disadvantages that are associated with SEO techniques such as:

  • Black hat SEO technique:
    Though by using black hat SEO techniques the website can gain faster results when compared to the white hat techniques, the drawback is that if it is proven that the website is implementing Black hat SEO the website will be spammed or even deleted from the search engine results.
  • Algorithm changing:
    The major challenge that site owners might face is that search engine indexes the position of the website based on constantly changing algorithms that are not published earlier. Therefore making your website pages available might require specialist knowledge and constant monitoring.


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Understanding Unconventional Web Design

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Just outside of Hollywood, California, a man presents his unconventional car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In general web design tends to follow established traditions of form and function, from the individual attempting to format their own web page through to the professional designers working on massive corporate contracts; there are a range of accepted design formats that everybody adheres to. But in the world of unconventional web design these rules are turned on their heads so that the web pages that are produced stand out from the crowd. Just as there have been different schools of artistic though in all areas of art and design, so too the world of web design has given birth to an avant-garde school of designers who are bucking the trends and using the newest technologies to grab the attention of internet users.

Chaos Theory

The basis for unconventional web design often revolves around the unpredictability of chaos theory; the designers intentionally ignore some of the standard rules and applications of design in order to achieve their goals. You may be asking yourselves why they do this and in order to appreciate their design ingenuity you should first consider just how many sites there are currently on the internet. Think about how many of those sites all conform to the same rules of design and layout, functionality and form.  Once you understand how mired the playing field is in the tradition of rigid design protocols you will understand why they strive to bring something new and fresh into the arena. Unconventional web design brings with it a new and exciting element, breaking through the monotony of millions of lookalike sites.

Niche Audience

Of course the impact that these unconventional sites have is not for everyone, many people have become accustomed to a straightforward user interface, a clear menu layout and a very straight forward and no nonsense approach to accessing the information that they want. To them a new kind of interface that does not conform to the norm is something that they are not willing to entertain, but for those that have become bored with the regularity of the internet they are fresh and exciting and just what the doctor ordered to relieve the monotony of the web. Unconventional design does contain within it a lot of complicated elements that many users will not be prepared to try and get to grips with, it can mean that a site is almost inconvenient to use and there can also be technical issues that no one but the original developer will be able to understand and rectify.

Risky Business

Getting involved in unconventional design can be risky as it is still so new, so against the norm that not everyone will want to buy into your design or understand your concept. The majority of the people that use the World Wide Web for either business or pleasure will often select the functionality and ease of use of a site over the way that it looks and is presented, and an unconventional design may unwittingly alienate part of your perceived target audience.

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How to Optimize your Product Videos

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YouTube today has become the most sought after and popular video sharing forum despite its lack of a coherent business model. It accounts for almost 81.9% of all the linked and embedded videos on the internet, and has over 2 billion views per day. It is interesting to note that according to the YouTube report by Sysomos.com, the average length of the videos is approximately 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

How to Optimize your Product Videos for Staying on Top of YouTube Search Results?

Millions of users share videos on YouTube each day in the hopes of becoming overnight and gain widespread fame. However, most of the time, the difference between good and bad quality videos can be clearly seen. Also, while searching for a video, it is ideal to have your video come up in the first few pages because that is about as far as most viewers are willing to go.

So for most YouTube bloggers, the biggest concern is to optimize their video in such a way that it ranks high on YouTube search results and generates maximum viewership. The obvious inference here would be that a good-looking video that’s shot using a high definition camera is necessary. However, in the blogosphere, the source barely holds any importance as long as you can edit and encode it as per the pixel and upload requirements. This first step is comparatively simple as long as you have a good quality video encoder such as Adobe Premier Pro, iMovie or other similar programs.

The tricky part comes next, when one wishes to upload the video. The video ranking comprises of factors such as duration, title, tags, description, and video responses. Besides adding keywords and tags to the video, the key to stay on top of YouTube results is to optimize your product video in the formats that are acceptable to YouTube. The key elements of uploading a video are size, codec, audio, the quality of the video and appeal to the audience, which are the basic search engine optimization characteristics.

Before a file is to be uploaded, the first step is to make sure the video file is no more than 2GB for a standard user. The video should preferably have a .mp4 format even though YouTube accepts various other video file formats such as .flv or .mov. Next, the user would need to have a file aspect ratio of 4:3 for standard definition and 16:9 for high definition videos. Once this is done, it should be kept in mind that the bitrate of the video should not be over 1200 kbps as this would take it longer for YouTube to process the video. Ideally, it should be between 700kbps to 1000kbps. Lastly, after the sound formatting is complete in MP3 formatting, the video can be previewed and uploaded.

It is also important to note that the YouTube encoding and flash streaming is done by YouTube itself. Lastly, for any video to be on top of the search list, it must have appealing content and interactive tools that would guarantee it maximum viewership.

This is a guest post by Samantha Kirk of mytechhelp.com, a site that offers savings and current information on Toshiba Support.

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