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Tips to Help You Set up A Successful Web Store

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Setting up an ecommerce store might seem like a dream come true, allowing you to take control of your working life and build up a solid business that will provide for you and your family. But there are so many millions of online stores already in existence that it can be difficult to make a success of it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and, if you put the following tips to set up a successful webs tore into practice, there is every chance that you’ll be one of the ones who does succeed…

Create a Compelling Website

The most important thing you can do if you want your online store to succeed is obviously to set up a really good website that is easy to use, easy to understand and which provides compelling content that encourages people to visit.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional web designer, when you’re starting out, it is fine to use an eCommerce platform like Shopify to get you started.

Source Unique Products

If you’re selling the same things as a million other online stores, you’re going to find it exceedingly difficult to break into the market and really make an impact. It’s not impossible to do, but it will be much harder than if you start out by selling unique products. Try to think of something that will stand out, make people instantly interested and get the ball rolling.

Invest in Storage

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Many startup web store owners store their stock in a garage or spare room, but this limits the amount of product they can sell and can lead to problems with them fulfilling orders, which doesn’t exactly endear customers to them. So, if your budget can stretch to it, look for steel buildings for sale or contact local storage solution companies and do your best to secure enough storage space for a successful business. After all, if you act like a successful business from the off, you’re more likely to become one.

Price Your Products Perfectly

It’s not always easy to know what the perfect price point for any given product is, but it’s worth doing some research to find out, because if a product is too expensive, few people will buy and if it’s too cheap, you’ll struggle to make a profit unless you can shift huge volumes.

Market research and checking out the competition are both good ways of working out what you should be selling your own stock for.

Come Up with a Great Marketing Plan

Even the biggest, most successful companies on the planet need to continuously market their products if they want to stay at the top, so when you’re at the bottom, it’s even more important that you get your message out there.

As a startup, your best bet is to start with social media. Post pictures, witty captions, blog posts and viral videos that are aimed at your target demographic and you will slowly but surely build up a following of people you can sell your good to.

Has your web store been a success? How did you do it?


Keeping Ahead Of The Times In Evolving Business

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It takes a long time for a business sector to settle down and become stable after it’s been born. Of course, these are great areas to get into for new businesses. They present an option that doesn’t have much competition. And, will make it easy for your business to stand out. But, along with this, you also have the stress of trying to keep up. As the sector develops, you will have to change the way that your business works. And, you may even have to change your products. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways that you can make this easier for yourself.

Most businesses evolve in some way, even after they’ve been around for a long time. For example, most businesses had to change the way they did things when the Internet came about. With more and more people doing their buying solely through the Internet; most companies now have websites. Of course, this is a grand example of change. But, you can see smaller examples in newer markets. The tech industry has changed drastically over the last few years. Computers used to be a functional machine that performed a set of jobs. Nowadays, they’ve become fashion items. For companies making them, this has been a struggle. With only a handful of businesses leading the way; it’s hard for smaller ones to keep up.

As a great example of this sort of process, Kodak reigns supreme. In the past, they were the biggest camera and film company in the world. Even today, you still see examples of their logo in and around shops. But, when digital camera started to become popular, they refused to update their products. Over time, less and less people were interested in cameras that took film. So, Kodak went out of business. Today, the company still exists. But, they only sell a small amount of products. This shows just how bad it can be for a company if they don’t change with the times.

Areas To Consider

When making changes like this to your own company, you need to consider several areas. Most of the time, you will be able to see changes coming over the horizon. And, this will give you a chance to prepare. But, you also have to make sure that you’re not already behind. Things move fast in some businesses.

One of the biggest areas that business often let slip is their website. No matter how big or small you are; it’s important to make sure that you think about your website. People will often use this as their first or only point of contact with your business. So, it needs to make a good impression. Recently, HTML5 has been made compatible with most browsers out there. This means that any website that’s worth it’s while has adopted the new standard; allowing designers to make their websites much nicer. Along with this, a trend towards using easy-to-use website builders has come about. Unfortunately, while money-saving, this is a negative trend. It makes website stick out and look bad. So, it’s worth making sure that you work with a professional developer to get the job done. This will usually involve doing a lot of research before you can make a good choice.

Over the years, manufacturing costs and methods have improved massively. This change has made it cheaper to create higher quality products. And, it can even be done faster. This has lead to consumer expectations rising when it comes to the level of quality they receive when buying a product. So, you need to make sure that you’re not cheapening out on materials where you can. Of course, you will be limited by the cost of things. But, there’s usually some room for improvement. Along with this, customers also expect to get their products fast, and with a custom touch. The improvements to manufacturing have also made it viable to make products to order instead of in bulk.

There are loads of other areas that can be improved. But, this should give you a good start. When you’re assessing your company for things to change; you need to take a methodical approach. If you already have customers, you can ask them what they would like to see changed. This is an easy way to make sure that you’re solving the problems they have. But, if you don’t have many customers; you’ll have to do some market research. Look at what successful competitors are doing, and try to find ways to do it even better. This can give you a major advantage when it comes to keeping on top of an evolving market.


Researching something like this will take a lot of time and dedication. But, in the end, this time will be worth it. Use all of the resources that you have at your disposal. This will help to make sure that you don’t miss a great idea. Look for good examples of practices that other companies use, to get a reference to go from. Compare your practices, and try to decide which you would prefer as a customer. You can also talk to other people at this stage, to get their ideas. You should try and avoid talking to people that know and care about you. Otherwise, you could get biased results. It can be worth using online resources, too. Looking for new trends in e-commerce is easy if you use the right tools. There are loads of business forums and advice sites out there. And, they all want to help your business.

It’s important to make changes like this. If you don’t, it’s easy to find yourself in the position of a company like Kodak. Or, you could even find yourself out of business. So, it’s very much in your interest to be productive when it comes to this. Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what needs to be done to your business. Of course, something like this will take time and even money. But, you can see these things as investments into your growing business. Making these changes can see a rapid uptake in new customers. So, make sure you’re ready to deal with the new interest in your company.


Facebook as a Marketplace, but its mobile only.

There are so many ways to sell stuff these days…like local stuff – the stuff in the closet, garage and basement stuff.  You can use craigslist (funny how this seems so “old” now), eBay, Facebook local groups, letgo – and then all the apps and sites you have not heard yet.



A short time ago, my family needed a new freezer.  We have three boys at home – so we go through a lot of food and we use the deep freeze to stock up.  We were looking for an upright freezer.

I looked on craigslist for a couple weeks – but there wasn’t too much.  Some for $150, some for $400.  But are they good, bad or smelly?  So I jumped on Facebook and just asked if anyone had a lead, I had some quick responses and within 24 hours…I bought one.

The best part – I knew the seller.  So I felt good about the transaction.

That is the power of Facebook.  They have had “Buy/Sell” groups for a while…”garage sale” groups.  But now, they have the Facebook Marketplace.  Its only on mobile – but they gave it prime real estate.

They launched this fall – and it is quite good.  This has potential, there is a lot of stuff for sale – in my area there is a ton of stuff popping up.

It will be interesting to see the impact this has on the other options.  I can say – I finding my self using it more than Craigslist.  Craigslist is just too hard to navigate from mobile.

Your 2016 Olympics – Breakout Year for Streaming TV

I’m not a full on Olympics nerd like some, but this year I am really excited to watch – its a breakout year for streaming tv.  NBC is turning the 2016 Olympics into a springboard for the masses to adopt the streaming tv.  Its a taste of what we all want – more action from all the sports.  Its streaming sports we want to see it – when we want to see it.  NBC is streaming most events – and allowing us to go back and watch them when we want or as many times as we want.  The onset of set top streaming boxes makes it happen.

History – 2012 Olympics Event Streaming

In 2012, it was hard to get this to work.  You had to get a TV connected to your laptop.  Do you have an HDMI cable on your TV?  Do you have an HDMI out on your laptop?  Oh wait – that’s not HDMI, its a display port.  What’s a display port?  Can I get a converter for that?  Do I have a long enough HDMI cable?  How much is a 25′ HDMI cable?  Grab a kitchen stool and set it up between you and the TV, set the laptop on that.  Now hope it doesn’t fall.

It really was painful – every time you wanted to change the sport, you had to go use the mouse or the track pad.  The sound was crap, if you could get any sound to work at all and then you’d sit back down in the chair to watch and the live stream would hangup.  It was magical…but at the time, it worked – and everyone thought you were the cool.

What did it look like in 2012?

urlThe interface looked good for time, we would laugh at it now – but it worked.  It was streaming TV – the sports we wanted to watch.

You could watch most all sports – anytime.  Most people gave up trying to really watch it on the TV and just went into the den and watched from there.  It worked.  It wasn’t perfect – but it seemed high tech at the time.

The interface allowed you to keep track of the metal count, you could see the events – kind of carnival style and it still looked like a website.

How bad is internet in Australia?

Side note: the Olympics video streaming technically started at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which is kind of funny really – Australia has been known for its slow internet speeds and in 2000 it was worse.

Other Side Note: There were some things rumbling back in 2008 for streaming “regular” TV.  But none has sports yet.

But it wasn’t what we all wanted.  We want all the bells and whistles of the NBC live Olympics show – but the ability to watch the sport we want, when we want to watch it.

2016 Olympics Event Streaming

Hello Roku.  (It works on many streaming players…but I am in love with my Roku 4.)

This is the breakout year for streaming TV - NBC Olympic coverage is the best it has ever been.

streaming_optionsNote:  You’ll need to download the NBC Sports app or go to the NBC website to view it there.

The coverage is amazing.  It could be the breakout year for streaming TV, I mean – you can see what has been on, what is on and what is coming up.  Its what TV can be when you break the mold and try some new things.  Its not perfect – but its really, really good.

I just got done watching women’s table tennis, recapped the 10m air rifle (which I had no idea was even an Olympic sport before now), women’s handball and a whole bunch of swimming events.


Oh, and also – I can still catch-up on the NBC website too.  While researching this article – I found out the 112th ranked Zambian Judo dude beat the 6th ranked dude.

hakaI also learned what the “Haka” is and that I already knew what it was because of some silly rugby movie I watched 3 years ago, (It was Forever Strong or Invictus) but I didn’t realize the dance had a real name – hey, I’m ignorant.

bballI didn’t learn this, it was more of an expectation…the USA Basketball team was dunking all over china.  And I mean MONSTER dunks…not those other remedial dunks.

Breakout Year for Streaming TV – Thank you Olympics and NBC

The coverage is Amazong.  I have almost watched more Olympics this year than any year ever – and its day 3.  I have been exposed to more sports than ever and I am excited about some of the other, different sports I have an opportunity to see this year.  Its the Olympics my way, on my schedule.

It shows the future of streaming – its the way TV should be.  We don’t need to have Bob Costas tell us everything (but I will say – the informational piece he did with the CDC dude on why the zika virus is not a huge issue to you in Brazil unless your pregnant (if you are pregnant…stay the hell out of Brazil) – but if you are not and are in any water…it probably has poo in it.)

So if you give me what I want…what I really, really want

Compelling, streaming content.  I hope other providers, networks and media types are taking notes.  This is how I want my TV.  The sooner – the better!  I don’t want to mount a dish to my roof, I don’t want to put a TV antenna in my window, I don’t want to pay you $200 a month for the privilege of you spamming the crap out of me and giving me 130 channels I don’t want, so I can get the 7 I do.

Oh, and sports networks.  (Big 10, ACC, SEC, NBA, NFL, MLB (you’ve been trying) – and ahem, ESPN) – this live streaming of TV works great.  LIVE sports is the last mile – its what we all want people.

And, Monday Night Football – what if I could watch any camera feed I WANT.  How about that?  I can still hear the commentary, if I WANT.  Rewind the things I want…but I don’t want to see your repetitive shot.  Why does every football play have to be wide angle croud shot, cut to sideline coach calling in the play on the headset, cut to QB ISO, cut to rear view…make it stop.  Maybe all I want to see if the linemen.  I like watching the ground game – the trenches…let me see that please.

Let me know when this goes down…in the mean time, I’ll be watching the Olympics.  I hear that badminton and modern pentathlon are coming up.  And I need to watch that dude crash into the wall on the bike again.  What the heck…it didn’t even look like he tried to turn at all.  And why didn’t dude in the green shirt take a picture of that?

This Olympic bike crash gives new meaning to "breakout year for streaming TV"

The 3-Point Plan For Building Your Brand


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One of the most vital aspects of running a small business is building the brand. There is often much confusion about this, about what brand-building is and how to do it well. In all honesty, there is not so much to it as is often made out. But that is not to say that it is a walk in the park. Like anything worth doing, it takes time and dedication to get right. But there are some tried and tested methods for making your brand a successful one, and it is worth learning them. Ultimately, building a brand is a simple matter of deciding what it is that your company is trying to say – and then saying it. Let’s take a look at the basic process in a little more detail.

Proper Placement

For any brand to be received well by the general public, it needs to be accessible. By this we simply mean that it makes immediate sense to people. To achieve this, it is first necessary to properly identify your brand. You need to know what it is, what it looks like, what it stands for. To get this right, there are some simple steps you can take. One common piece of advice at this stage is to think of your brand as a person. Treat it like you would a personality. How would you describe it to someone who doesn’t know it yet? Practicing this simple exercise can really help you to get a clear idea of what your brand is like. This part of the job is also made easier if you already have a clear vision in place for your business. In this instance, your brand might well be a mirroring of that vision. Once you can identify your brand with ease – and describe it well – you are in a good position to place it. All this means is that you know where it belongs in your target market.


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Consistent Communication

When it comes to the question of how to actually build your brand, communication is the key. For a brand to grow, you need to expose it to lots of people. But more than that, you need to communicate consistently with those people. This is where the hard work really happens. The communication with the public is the actual brand-building in action. There are many tools and tricks to achieve that consistency you are looking for. Many business owners find that it is worthwhile hiring the services of a pr company. If you outsource your communications in this way, you can be sure of the professional consistency your brand needs.

Extra Expansion

Provided that the above has been carried out properly, you already have a brand on its way to full growth. The next question you will face is how to ensure its continued growth. The answer is quite simple: you need to approach more and more people. A brand only grows if there are more people to become aware of it. For that reason, it is at this stage that your marketing campaign really needs to take an upturn. You should, at this point, be approaching a wider and wider range of the general public. So long as you continue to do this – and as long as you remain consistent – your brand is likely to grow. And that is pretty much the name of the game.


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