Chromebooks Vs Laptops: Which Option is Best?

The competition within PC’s and laptops have never been higher. For years, it was a battle between Apple and Microsoft to gain the advantage, but with the arrival of Google and their Chromebooks, the competition has intensified.

Chromebooks Vs Laptops

Chromebooks have become popular since their launch. This is due to their simplicity to use because of their browser base that ultimately allows them to create cheap laptops that are fast and user-friendly. However, many are still unsure when it comes to choosing a Chromebook and a traditional laptop. Therefore, we’re looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Windows v Chrome OS

Microsoft has spent a lot of time and effort trying to make Windows better and more intuitive. Windows 8 was good, but there were still things that frustrated users. However, the launch of Windows 10, has signaled a new era for the OS.

This is because you now have everything you need from the Start button, making it easier to access apps, email, settings and more. However, some processes are still long winded, but in general, things have improved.

However, Google has opted for a very simple OS that has basic settings. Therefore, if you need to access more advanced settings, you have to use your Chrome browser. A lot of the apps also work offline, so you won’t need to worry about internet access all the time.

If you are using a laptop with a touchscreen, you might find that Windows is a little more finger friendly compared with Chrome OS.

Apps and Software

Both Windows and Chrome OS have their own app stores, allowing you to search for your favorite apps and have them downloaded directly onto your laptop.

Windows has thousands of apps available in its store, and the advantage is that being Windows, it will run virtually everything.

Chrome OS isn’t as good as Windows in this respect. The app store is essentially a list of shortcuts that take you to the app’s website, and although many things can be accessed offline, it can still be limiting. Another thing to remember is that if you want to run anything with Adobe Flash, you won’t be able to do so on Chrome OS.

Browsing the Web

This is one area that you might think the Chromebook with its browser-based OS would excel. However, this isn’t strictly the case.

Although Chrome is fast and well integrated into the OS; the only problem is if you want to run Flash or another plug-in as you simply cannot do it.

Windows, by comparison, can use almost any browser you want. Therefore, you can choose the one that works best for you, or if each browser has its perks, have two separate browsers installed.


For the hard-core gamer, there are many high-end Windows laptops that can handle the demands of graphic intense games. On the other hand, Chromebooks don’t have the processing power to handle the big games.

With a Windows laptop, you also have the option to upgrade the memory by going to a dedicated site such as Offtek.

Overall, Windows 10 has much more to offer. However, Google is always adapting, so don’t write them off completely.