CMS – open/closed/alphabet soup

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Wow – you would never think three letters could be so enlightening. As I look over all the offerings about Content Management Systems. I think every programmer at some point in time has looked at/for/or buit a CMS system. And they have published them all to the web for sale.

I’ve really been focusing on the open source options – because what I read tells me there is no real advantage to the for pay models. There are no less that 3-4 really hot free ones: drupal, joomla, django and wordpress seem to top the list. It seems like that is the problem when I look at Microsoft alternatives – it really shows the power of opensource when you look for .Net options.

I’ve been a .Net/Microsoft guy for about 10 years and I really like it, but there are so many more opportunities elsewhere.

The host I use for a personal site offers free scripts for joomla. Now I have not figured out the site skinning and templates yet, but I seriously had the joomla site up in 4 minutes. I pushed a script and walked through a series of setup screens…boom, I was going.

So it would be great to hear your CMS story – and I will continue to share mine!

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