Curley is innovating again, now let us comment

Las Vegas Sun
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Rob Curley has been a mstery to me for a while – the guy is just a drop dead awesome innovator, but then doesn’t quite let it all hand out.  Here’s what I mean.

Check out Rob’s blog post from yesterday:  “Our new billboard campaign: When marketing is more than just marketing“.  How great is that.  I mean seriously – it’s a billboard/RSS feed mashup.

I know that doesn’t sound very innovative, but I think we did billboards with a cool twist.

But the coolest part of the billboard campaign is having 18 digital billboards across the Las Vegas Valley that we update on the fly with our latest breaking news headlines.

Rob Curley at California Newpapers Publishers ...

But my beef comes at the end of the post when I want to put my “adda boy” in and comments are turned off.  Seriously, comments turned off – now I’m pissed.  85% of the time, instead of writing the blog post I am now I would have closed it and moved on – but I let this hang in Firefox all day yesterday and today untill now.

Why Rob?  Why are the comments off?  Do you care what anyone is saying?  You’re not allowing a community to grow.   I know SPAM on WordPress can be bad – but since I’ve been using WP-SpamFree, it has went WAY down.

OK, enough complaints.  As usually, nice work Rob.  Too bad I had to pat you on the back from my blog!  :)

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