Get Things Done: 5 Ways Using a Tablet Can Make You More Efficient

In a fast-paced world where there’s so much to do in a very little amount of time, efficiency is key. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business or in your personal life, you want gadgets that are going to help make things easier and involve as little aggravation as possible. This is where the tablet comes in.

How much can you really get done on a thin device that weighs about 1.5 pounds? You might be surprised. Those who are looking for ways to get a lot done in less time and for less money are going to want to consider getting a tablet. You can take your business and day-to-day tasks to a whole new level.

For a device that has an average price of $386, it can be worth every penny in terms of everything from portability to pictures. Keep reading to find out how getting a tablet can make you more efficient on a daily basis.


Carrying a tablet is so much easier than carrying around a laptop. Not only does it weigh less and take up less space, but it’s also much more convenient to manage as you can hold it with one hand while you do something else with the other. Try that with a laptop and you’ll likely drop it on the floor. You can take a tablet anywhere, and if you’re worried about it getting stolen, all you have to do is get an iPad security lock so you can keep it safe from criminals.

When are some times when the portability can really come in handy?

  • In a boardroom – If you’d rather not use a projector, you have two options. You can either pass around a laptop or pass around a bunch of papers, unless of course you have a tablet. Using a tablet in these situations is more eco-friendly than paper copies, and easier to pass around than a laptop. 
  • On a job site – When you’re working on site, such as while you’re doing construction, do you really want to pass around info via a tiny phone or a bunch of papers? Probably not. 
  • While traveling – What’s easier, carrying around a laptop that, on average, weighs about 4 to 5 pounds, or carry around a tablet that weighs under 2? The tablet also takes up much less space.
  • During your commute – If you’ve ever tried to manage a laptop on a train or bus, you know how cumbersome it can be. I’ve dropped mine at least twice during travel while trying to watch a movie. You can easily hold a tablet in your hands without any trouble.

Start Up

When you turn on a laptop, you have to wait for it to load, and while it’s not a terrible inconvenience, it can be incredibly annoying if you’re in a rush to get something done. An iPad starts up right away and you don’t have to worry about having to wait while it loads. A laptop may take only a minute to load, but those minutes can quickly add up over time and can total up to quite a bit of time you could have been doing something else.

Easy Ordering

Several businesses are now using tablets so their customers can directly input their orders instead of having to go through a liaison. For example, many restaurants are now using tablets instead of going the standard paper and pen route. Customers enter in what they want directly into a tablet, which also doubles as a menu. It’s a way for diners to get a full view of what’s available and it increases the chances that the order is going to be exactly what the patron wants. It streamlines the ordering process making it much easier for employees as well as the customers.


Whether you’re reading a document or a book, going over the words on a tablet can be much easier than trying to read them on a laptop, e-reader or phone. The tablet allows for the perfect size making reading easier on the eyes and ultra portable.

Less Paper

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in the workplace, it’s having to deal with a ton of paper. It gets lost, ripped and crinkled not to mention it takes up a lot of space. Using a tablet eliminates paper waste so it allows for better organization and permits the instant sharing of documents. It’s much easier to hand someone a tablet with the information on it than a stack of papers.

Without a doubt, a tablet can make your life much easier on a day-to-day basis. It can help you improve communication with others, help you get things done much more quickly and can help you stay more organized. What more could you want?

About the Author:

Lauren Romano is a freelance writer who has a soft spot for puppies and pina coladas. While browsing, she was inspired to write a series of articles to help others make the most of their gadgets as well as keep them safe. When she’s not working, she’s researching her next vacation.