We love guest blogging – we are always taking new guest posts.  We think people need a place to post articles if they don’t have a home to do that.  We also love the idea of spreading information around the internet and most importantly – we feel like article linking and cross pollination is one of the cornerstones of the internet and thing it should continue…guest blogging is how we accomplish it.

Guest Blogging “Rules”:

  1. Be nice – this is still our blog.  We get to choose the content.  If a particular post doesn’t work – maybe the next one will.
  2. Please don’t use spammy links.  We want to post lots of articles – but if are only posting to get links…maybe this is not the site for you.
  3. Be informative and respectful of our site and its intention.  We are trying to have a place people want to visit…its not a home for your garbage.

If you’re still with us – then give us your information and we’ll check it out, and we promise to get back to you if we post your article or not.  :)


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