How to Direct Social Networking Links to Your Website

Everyone wants to promote their site, generate more traffic and get social networking links. The basic goal of the search engine optimization is to promote your website to generate a flow of traffic. It’s quite difficult, for some web-masters, to decide whether or not spending their time on promoting their site’s content on top social media is worth spending a lot of time and resource on.

Once the traffic is generated on your site, people will click on the ads and you can simply earn the money for each click with ease. Although the earning ratio is quite lower when compared to generating traffic, you can still earn some regular amount through repeating customers.
Now it’s time to market your website or articles!

There are two simple and easy methods to promote your articles through social networking sites.

  1. Post Links to Your Site

    Post anchor links of your website articles to the social networking channels. But before doing that, make sure that your content is productive and useful. Always post valuable information and not spammy links. Traffic gleaned through spamming links is worthless. Using them will just put your website’s reputation at stake.

    Do not forget your friends and family. You can always share your content with them. Another thing you can do is basically adding a “share” button on your site to enable other users to share your content and articles to their social networking channels. For instance, if someone finds your content informative, he or she would also be interested to share your articles with their followers and friends. This is one of the biggest and fastest emerging techniques for promoting your site and content.  It is a great source f bringing a continual flow of traffic to your site.

  2. Post Advertisements on Social Networking Sites

    Facebook has now provided a platform to promote your website or content through advertisements. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, they will be sent to your website. You only pay for the clicks. That said, it has been shown that the earning (or click through) ratio is quite less than what you can receive through Google Adwords.

    So if you are messing with a deluge of ideas about what to do and what not to do to direct massive traffic from social media networks towards your website then you must stop worrying about it now as we have given you two simple and straight forward ways to direct social media links to your site successfully particularly today when google is leaving less space for even high quality websites to get a huge cut of its massive traffic flow. Today you need to focus upon getting traffic from other resources particularly from social networks so your site can tolerate any possible hit by the ‘Big G’ anytime.

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