How Will We Communicate In The Future?

Since mankind has uttered its first words, we have been developing ever more advanced ways to communicate with each other. The American Indians devised a long range communications system using smoke signals and fire beacons were used across the world in ancient times to warn of impending danger. As we developed technologies we went in search of ever more effective forms of communicating and the mid 1800’s saw mankind develop the first telephone, something that helped change the world forever.

Of course, it didn’t stop there and in the 1980’s telephones were made commercially available that didn’t need to be attached to any wires to work. From telephone technology we also found new ways to communicate such as the internet and the internet also become something that we could access without the need for wires. Although we have already come so far in terms of how we are able to communicate with each other, it looks as though our advancements show no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Are Telephones On The Way Out?

Because the internet allows us to send and receive so much more data than telephones, it looks as though the telephone line could well be on its way out. VOIP systems are replacing standard lines across the world and even modern mobile phones can use VOIP based systems rather than traditional telephone services. With smart phones and gadgets also able to use the internet in so many other ways, it is hard to see how telephones will be around for much longer.

Even though the internet is already superior to telephones in many ways, the internet is only going to get faster eventually reaching speeds that will make it possible to share even enormous files almost instantly. It may not be long before you can order a new movie, for example, and the internet can have the whole movie with you in a matter of seconds.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that mankind has been researching and developing for some time, although it is not quite yet commercially viable. Production costs and functionality mean that it is not yet something that is a household item, although having virtual reality in everyday life is just around the corner. Increasing internet speeds and more efficient production techniques mean that one day, and before long, virtual reality will be both useful and affordable to all of us.

Having virtual reality systems that are practical and affordable could mean significant changes to how we live our lives. The need to travel long distances to attend meetings, for example, could be all but eliminated as we could instead attend virtual meetings from the comfort of our own offices.

Maybe one day we can even find ourselves going on virtual holidays instead of the real thing. Computers could take us to virtual representations of faraway parts of the universe, or maybe take us to fantasy lands that we have though up ourselves. Some people may even spend their entire lives in a virtual reality rather than facing the real world we live in.

Communicate In The Future

Although in this day and age the internet is king, it will almost certainly be replaced by something even more effective somewhere in the future. It is likely that the internet and all other forms of communication will be replaced by something that we haven’t even conceived of yet, something that can achieve things we haven’t even imagined.

Technology is already being developed that helps us to use the power of our thoughts alone to undertake actions so perhaps one day we will be able to communicate with each other only by thinking. It may be possible that all you need to speak with another person on the other side of the planet is to think their name and then think your message. With space exploration also high on the agenda, we could also find ourselves communicating by though with people in orbit and maybe even with people on other planets.

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