HTC Touch 6900

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So, after my HTC 6800 got in a “perdicament” with the lawn mower…I needed to search for a new phone.  I wanted to go back to basics and get an old school razor or something, then I found the Touch.

Now, I must be clear – I am on the US Cellular network, so we’re a good 12 months behind on any sort of “cool” factor with phones.  Good coverage in BFE Iowa; but old, big yawner phones.

The HTC Touch 6900 is the best phone I’ve used.  OK, OK – I hear all you Apple fan-boys sayin’ “It’s not an iPhone and it runs Windows Mobile.”  Yea.  I know – I cannot get AT&T converage at home so the iPhone is out – so I choose either Blackberry or Windows Mobile – I’ll choose the Windows, thank you.

HTC has finally figured out the “something” that no one running Windows Mobile has yet – they added a bit of user interface to the base OS.  And they did a great job – gets you the things you want, in an easy to use place.

Battery life is very good and not having a querty keyboard has not been an issue yet.  It uses the XT9 for helping finish the SMS typing – and I really like it, since I’ve gotten used to it.

OK, so the HTC is a keeper.  If you cannot get an iPhone…take a look at the Touch.

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