iPhone webapps to kick the AppStore habit

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I love my iPhone.  I hate the AppStore.

I have not built my own iPhone app – partially because I haven’t found something I couldn;t already buy.  But partly because it seems complicated.  That’s probably why I don’t build desktop apps.  I came across a post by John Gruber called “iPhone Web Apps as an Alternative to the App Store” whih points to an article by Peter-Paul Koch “Apple is not evil. iPhone developers are stupid.” and they reaffirmed what I was thinking.

from Peter-Paul
“The fundamental problem on the iPhone is not Apple’s App Store approval policies, but the iPhone developers’ arrogant disdain for Web technologies.”

“Apple is not evil. iPhone developers are stupid. Their problems with the App Store approval process are entirely their own fault and they deserve no commiseration.”

Yea.  This is the exact arugment I’ve been having the desktop developers for 10 years – why hadn’t I connected the dots.

Although Peter-Paul has been “put in his place” and written a rebuttal – I think the issues will also be “fixed” with the competition with Android.

So – if you’re so inclined to write the iPhone app:

But the best proof is what I pointed out above: Apple itself created almost no iPhone web apps. Successful iPhone developers don’t just want to write software that works on the iPhone. They want to write software for the iPhone that’s just as good as Apple’s. Today that means using Cocoa Touch and the native SDK.

When you write a Cocoa Touch app for the iPhone, you’re not starting from scratch. You’re starting with the Cocoa Touch framework. As Faruk AteÅŸ astutely points out in his response to Koch, to discount the framework is to discount everything that sets the iPhone apart as a development platform. Not only are native iPhone apps faster and more capable than their web-app equivalents, but they’re easier to write.

Nothing will be solved today – but as Android continues to spread in it’s open and loving ways…we’re be waiting with our web code ready to spring into action.

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