Netflix is down – but I'm not mad

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Well, I was at first.  Seriously – they have a great service in the DVD’s, but for the magic of Netflix is the Watch Instantly functionality.  I mean, we don’t have cable and the computer I was using as a DVR got hit by lightning…so we’re stuck with the network website, Hulu or Netflix.  When the Hulu que is empty, I go straight to Netflix.

Thanks for the image by Brian Smith.

Thanks for the image by Brian Smith who saw this post and sent me a link!

So tonight I go through the routine and when I get to Netflix I see a documentary on Apple called “Welcome to Macintosh“, it looks good so I click play.  Bada bing, player starts up and then I get the error “Netflix Sign In Problem”, sign out and try again.  Well, even my thick skull figured out there was a problem after the 5 time.  Fail whale.  (Not really – I guess black screen of death is a better description.)

So I check the account and make sure we paid the bill, then to the help section.  Couldn’t find anything that looked like a match – so I saw the toll-free number.  Boom, I call and the first thing I hear is an appology that the on demand is down.

Am I happy…no.  But I’m not mad, because they were honest and transparent.  Thank you Netflix customer service.  Now I don’t have to go over to Twitter and complain like a dipstick.

But that’s all it took – easy enough to do, yet over looked by so amny so often.  But now what…am I going to have to watch YouTube…or worse yet.  Live TV?

UPDATE: As I went back to the site to try and get a screen capture of the black screen, it started working.  Cool!  Nice work Netflix.

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