New design with FBConnect

Facebook Connect Developer Garage
Image by joeywan via Flickr

The new design was implemented last night, then – I had to get Facebook Connect working.  I chose use the “official” one from the Facebook developers.  It is a bit more difficult to integrate -but I like the look slightly better. It requires you to dig into the code.

My buddy Jason was having some issues with my Facebook Connect working on his machine, but it the “fix” may have been to have him put a comment.  After he did that, it was good to go, so hopefully, those will go away.  :)

I’m excited to move on, I think there are some very cool things we can do with this type of connection.  Although I’m not really a huge fan of letting Facebook control it all – the proof-of-concept is in the pudding…it works and it is slick.

If you’ve pushed Connect further on you’re blog, let me know, it would be great to join forces on a project.

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