New job is great – but the ying to the media companies yang

Its kind of funny – I worked at the Gazette for 7 of the last 11 years.  All I did was complain how slow things moved.  I was like – “Hey, lets launch the newspaper site today” taunting them to say yes, but knowing they never would.

Fast-forward to now, I received an email today that said we need to look over the list of to-do’s, instead of launching Friday let’s see about Wednesday.  Get you list together and see what we can and cannot get done.

ClickStop is a killer company and when I interviewed my future boss Shaun said “things move fast here”.  I was like, yea – I’m looking forward to it – and I was.  I just am so amazed at the speed of this business…it’s great

I cannot say that I have made it up to speed yet – but I can guarantee I’m spooling up.

Be on the look out for the redesign of two of our web properties soon – one is called Body Bling (a site which sells all sorts of cool jewelery for all areas of you body) and Truwell (a site for liquid vitamins and suppliments)

Please check them out near the end of the week and let us know what you think.

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