Tips to Turn Your Visitors into Clients

Image Source It’s great when you’ve set up a website and the numbers of people paying your little place on the web a visit start to grow, but it’s less gratifying when those numbers don’t translate into an increase in business. The whole point of having a business website is to grow your client base […]

Is Radio Dead?

I found a great article on radio called “When Will Radio Die?”. It address a bunch of issues with radio, but kind of reminds me of a lot of the discussion we are having about news paper – here are a few of my favorite parts. Where and how we consume radio content is well […]

What will we do after MySpace?

So, what will be the NBT (Next Best Thing) after social networks? The article I found which addresses this first looks back and then ahead. Age #0 – eCommerce – the most primitive way of making money online. It’s identical to the real world… Age #1 – Single Sign-on – Yahoo started out with a […]

Everything 2.0

“Everything 2.0” :: Wow, that about sums it up. I guess our job is done. :) Seriously, I came across this web page called “Everything 2.0” was blown away. Although I cannot figure out what “Authority” means (I think it is the metric software they use) – but even if we only look at the […]