A Quick Guide to Using Facebook for Business


I imagine that by now mixing Facebook with business is no longer an alien concept to you. Perhaps a few years ago you saw Facebook as antithetical to work. That is was something employees occasionally used when they were supposed to be working. (Of course, that’s something that’s still very much a problem for some businesses!)

These days, it’s an absolutely essential business tool. And how could it not be? To date, it has accumulated more than one and a half billion users. An estimated 66.1% of those users access the site on a daily basis, either from their computer or from their mobile phone. Users spend an average of eight to ten hours on Facebook every month. (Though I’m sure you know people who seem to be hitting those usage numbers every day!)

With those numbers, you’d be hard pressed to find a good reason not to get your business involved in Facebook. A lot of business owners seem to limit the social media presence of their business to Twitter. It seems more professional to them, somehow, especially with the heavy celebrity presence. But Facebook is just as useful, if not more so. You’re a lot less limited in what you can do on Facebook than you are on Twitter. The character limit is the most obvious difference between the two. And in the world of business, being able to use more than 140 characters is pretty important!


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The first thing that should jump to mind when you see those numbers are the marketing possibilities. Social media in general is the new “hot thing” when it comes to advertising, as you may have heard. (This doesn’t mean you should be ignoring the more traditional marketing methods, though!)

facebook-like-logo-vector-400x400People don’t tune into Facebook for hours at a time the way they tune into TV. But they do tend to tune in for a few minutes every hour. It’s important to understand this difference and to take advantage of it. The right Facebook marketing strategies make use of the user data and the average attention span.

Having a Facebook account for your business also shows that you’re connected and up-to-date. But you need to be careful about how far this can actually take you. A lot of business owners make the mistake of believing that just being on Facebook is enough. But Facebook users aren’t necessarily going to grant your company some “cool” points just because you’re on Facebook. These days, the average user knows full well that you being on Facebook is good for business!

You have to make an effort to really connect with your users. You can engage with people who make comments on your page. People will want to leave several types of comments, from simple feedback to help inquiries. When you make an important announcement, people will probably have many questions about it. This is your chance to show the virtual public how willing to connect your company really is!

Ignoring the potential of Facebook means that you’re missing out on the potential of your business. Do not make this mistake!