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Amazon Adds a Virtual Private Cloud – ReadWriteEnterprise

Amazon Adds a Virtual Private Cloud – ReadWriteEnterprise. WOW, Amazon continues to innovate in the cloud space.  This is very cool – this is pretty much what the IT department at the company I work for wants to do.  It sure makes maintenance easier – now if we can convince people the cloud is safe.

WordPress › Amazon Autoposter « WordPress Plugins

WordPress › Amazon Autoposter « WordPress Plugins. Amazon Autoposter is a free and easy to use plugin for WordPress weblogs that allows users to post products from Amazon.com on their blog automatically on any keyword they specify and earn money using Amazons affiliate program.

Shortcovers: A Kindle Killer?

Why Indigo Shortcovers Will (And Won’t) Kill Amazon Kindle. [kaltura-widget wid=”yxnexcjnvv” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”0″ editpermission=”1″ /] Hmmm – there has been a ton of talk at my work about the Kindle – I wonder…after you get by all the marketing stuff if this is legit?

.net to php – now!

Image via Wikipedia So my latest adventure has taken me to the land of php.  It seems the direction my company has gone is more open source…so they are all poo-poo-ing my .net background.  It is hard, but really reminds me of classic asp.  We will see how “easy” it is.  I know there is […]

eBay deals are getting weak.

So – I need a new cordless telephone…and let me tell you – I am a cheapskate when it comes to consumer electronics. My old unit got a bit too much of last week’s lightning. So I head off and find a model I like – the Uniden TRU9280-4 (the “-4” stands for 4 handsets; […]

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