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iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Along the Way

There are two sides to every story – and iWoz is the Yin to Steve Job’s Yang. Steve Wozniak is everything a geek dreams they could be.  The dude built a computer for the science fair before computers were even a thing.  The story about his joke calling line is awesome. The guy dreamed up […]

Steve Jobs

If you’ve ever wondered how an empire can be thought of, built, torn down and built again – please read this book.  You may have seen the movie – but this is a great biography about on the legends of technology. The details revealed in this book show all the different sides of Jobs and […]

Netbook Use in Schools – K-12 – Google is taking a lead

Apple has had a firm hold in the academic market for a long time – when Apple came out with the iPad line, things took off even more.  Educators were loving the portability of the devices and app makers were building all kinds of great educational apps. Apple vs Google – Academic Market “Wars” In 2012, Interactive Educational […]

Domain Name Flipping: Better In Smaller Doses

Anything manufactured, computer implemented, immaculately conceived or dreamt up overnight can be flipped for profit, as our current technologically savvy society is proving.  Domain names, content, or anything which another man, woman or child slaved tirelessly over is being forfeited for someone’s fiduciary responsibility, or personal benefit.  With domain name flipping, however, you’re entering one […]

An Introduction: Google’s ‘Scan and Match’ Music Service

Google, in its usual mischievous style, launched a free “Scan and Match” Music Service in the US on 18th December. Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s Cloud Player cost users an annual fee of $25 for the same service. After its successful launch in Europe last month, in collaboration with Warner Music Group, Google has brought this service for music […]

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