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Domain Name Flipping: Better In Smaller Doses

Anything manufactured, computer implemented, immaculately conceived or dreamt up overnight can be flipped for profit, as our current technologically savvy society is proving.  Domain names, content, or anything which another man, woman or child slaved tirelessly over is being forfeited for someone’s fiduciary responsibility, or personal benefit.  With domain name flipping, however, you’re entering one […]

An Introduction: Google’s ‘Scan and Match’ Music Service

Google, in its usual mischievous style, launched a free “Scan and Match” Music Service in the US on 18th December. Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s Cloud Player cost users an annual fee of $25 for the same service. After its successful launch in Europe last month, in collaboration with Warner Music Group, Google has brought this service for music […]

iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4

Progress is always developing. Old models are displaced by new technologies. New models are improved, they have new possibilities. Comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 we will better understand development of progress. Advantages of iPhone 5 in comparison with iPhone 4: The iPhone 5 is more comfortable in using. It is thinner than iPhone 4(9.3 mm […]

Infographic: How Big is Apple, Really?

Although Apple is one of the biggest technology companies in the world today, their financial history has been a mix of ups and downs. In fact, before Steve Jobs returned in 1996, Apple almost went bankrupt and was bailed out by none other than Bill Gates. However, their downhill financial battle has been put behind […]

touching vs hover

Image by Getty Images via @daylife When the iPad came out – it changed the game, A few days after Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPad, I read that sentence in Apple’s Reference Library: Preparing Your Web Content for iPad, and started to realize the drastic implications the evolution of multi-touch would have on […]

iPhone webapps to kick the AppStore habit

Image via Wikipedia I love my iPhone.  I hate the AppStore. I have not built my own iPhone app – partially because I haven’t found something I couldn;t already buy.  But partly because it seems complicated.  That’s probably why I don’t build desktop apps.  I came across a post by John Gruber called “iPhone Web […]

The State of the Smartphone: iPhone is Way, Way Ahead – ReadWriteWeb

The State of the Smartphone: iPhone is Way, Way Ahead – ReadWriteWeb. I would have probably argued with this article not that long ago.  I made a huge mistake and bought a touch about 1.5 months ago. I was hooked and grabbed the iPhone shortly after – and there is no lookingback.

Ripdev: The iPhone Authority

Ripdev: The iPhone Authority. Apple is losing the death grip on the iPhone. InstallerApp is a native Mac OS X application (soon — for Windows too) that allows you easily download applications from Installer and Cydia directly onto your computer, and install them to the iPhone connected with USB cable.

iPhone Apps: $32k Spent vs $535 Revenue

Owen had a development budget of $32,000 for the game but in the first month made $535 in revenue, despite a glowing review from major gaming site Kotaku. via Some Brutally Honest iPhone App Sales Numbers: $32k Spent vs $535 Revenue. Um, how do I pull that email to the dev team back through the […]

WordPress, Drupal & Django = Apple, Microsoft and Linux

Image via Wikipedia So I’m driving to work last Thursday and it comes to be.  WordPress, Drupal and Django relate to the three OS’s we all come to know and love. WordPress = Apple Think about it.  It is the prettiest of all the platforms.  It makes the hard thing a bit of a no […]

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