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Guest posts are a great way to build unique content on your site

Its important to leverage guest posts as part of your overall content marketing strategy. Why? Because it has numerous benefits for you and your brand, even if that brand is yourself. – by tom

A Guide To Creating A Successful Small Business Blog

In recent years blogging has become one of the easiest to use, yet most innovative tools for any website, small business or personal, to gain an audience. A blog garners attention because it enables you to get your voice out there. Whether it is a personal blog or a small business blog, the desired effect is […]

Content Creation or Content Curation? (It’s Not an Either-Or Scenario)

I’ve heard a lot of buzz lately about whether you should be spending most of your time on creating your own content or whether you should really just be curating other people’s stuff. It’s really a false argument. You can’t get by simply on curating other people’s content, since you won’t develop your own voice […]

Boost Blog Traffic By Writing Good Titles

Far too often, bloggers will either just write down the first title that comes to mind and dive into the rest of their post or slap a post on what they’ve written when they’re done. They may only think about what is in the post and try to describe it, without considering the more important […]

How To Ethically Get Twitter Followers Fast

Twitter is the venue for micro blogging. It is where people across the globe are connected to each other. The term “followers” refer to your friends who keep track on every posted info, thoughts, or blogs. There are several bloggers who use twitter to enhance their traffic. This article provides emphasis on how to get […]

4 Ways To Live Blog On WordPress

Picture this scenario: You are at the hottest conference or event of the year. While most of your readers aren’t able to attend themselves, they have all backed you as their representative of all things cool. You are there on their behalf, ready to gush over every little detail. All you want to do is […]

The Essential Rules Of Social Media and Online Marketing

When you create social media accounts, you open new venues for interaction with your target customers. At the same time, you also open your doors for detractors, irate customers, and critics. So you see, as much as social media can help boost PR for SMEs, it can also give you a lot of headache. Here […]

Turning Blogging Into A Team Sport

Even though there are thousands of blogs on the web, and maybe even thousands of blogs in your niche alone, it can still get pretty lonely out there at some times… For that reason, turning blogging into some kind of a team sport would surely be interesting. But hold on, I don’t actually mean that […]

Seven Simple Ways to Attract Loyal Readers Fast

If you want to make a real living blogging, it’s repeat readers that are going to get you there. SEO might help you to climb Google’s ranks but the real profits are always going to be to attract loyal readers. It’s repeat readers that will visit your blog regardless of where you rank. It’s repeat […]

Social Media Etiquette for Beginners

There are a set of etiquettes everyone has to follow in a society. There are etiquettes to be followed in an office, in a formal party, in a college and now there are a few etiquettes to be followed in social media too! It might sound a phony for some people, but it is true. […]

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