Mark Cuban: How to Win at the Sport of Business

This is a book I purchased a while back as the kindle version – and then recently also picked up the audible version.

What I think I like most about this book is the way Mark Cuban explains he got when he has.  Hard work – it seems like so many books these days are “gaming” getting ahead…not a fan.  probably because my dad busted his butt as a mechanic his whole life and did very well for himself.

Book Preview:

How to Win at the Sport of Business

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Four Easy Methods Of Interacting With Customers And Clients

If you want to be effective in business today, you have to ensure that your company feels open to consumers and clients. Customers are used to interacting with their businesses. If you look at fresh company websites, you will see that they have popup boxes. In it you can talk to an employee of the company. Or perhaps it is just an automated response box. Either way it does not matter. What matters is how the business looks. It looks and feels like customers can interact. That is key. How else can you create this effect?

Social Media

As with everything these days, it all comes down to social media. You probably have personal accounts already. But should also have a business Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. If you do not have these set up, they are all a great way for interacting with clients. You can post big business announcements on Twitter. If you are savvy, post a link to an article on a blog you own. Use the blog to talk about different aspects of your business. You will build more interest in your company. You can use Instagram the same way. If there is a big business event like a conference, take a picture and post it on your account. Include a link to your website. FaceBook can be utilized for interacting with customers on a more personal level.

A Great Website

A fantastic, easy to use website works as a big advertisement towards your customers. They see your website is filled with info about your company and maybe even success stories. There are pictures and videos that make your website graphic and vivid. Remember, customers love interaction so using one of those smart boxes we talked about may not be a bad idea. You can have links to your blog and twitter feeds on the side. You can use links to take customers where you want them to go on different articles. This can be to your shop or news about your business industry.

Little Touches

Do not be afraid of interacting with your customers on a personal level. They love it. They like to know that businesses they use care. You can show this by sending greeting cards. This does not have to be for special occasions like Christmas. You can send cards to say: thank you for using your business for the first time. Or we hope you enjoy this product. For more ideas and an example of how to do this look at a website like

A Quick Survey

Finally, you need to take this message on board. Customers know what they want. They know what they like. If you want to improve customer relations all you have to do is listen to them. But first you have to gather information. We recommend doing this with either a survey on your website or an email. If you do it through the post, they will most likely view it as junk. Surveys are always a useful resource. They may be where the next idea to improve your company comes from.


Guest posts are a great way to build unique content on your site

perfect-guest-post_600Its important to leverage guest posts as part of your overall content marketing strategy. Why? Because it has numerous benefits for you and your brand, even if that brand is yourself. First, it helps to spread your content across the web. Second, it taps into a new user base that can become regular visitors to your own site. Third, it establishes you as a genuine authority in your field, something you desperately need to maintain credibility on the internet.

But how do you properly write a guest post? MyBlogGuest, a site dedicated to guest posting, has come up with an infographic to break it down for you. Taking a high authority guest post and showing it on the left, they then use the right to point out each tip that makes up the anatomy of a truly good guest article.

Every tip is color coded, with an arrow that points out where it has been used. This allows you to clearly see the advice in action, and so better implement if for your own blog. It includes how to write proper titles, the trick to a perfect byline, the need for specific formatting tricks, the right way to link, and more.

As an added bonus, the post they have used as an example is another very useful one about using embeddable Google posts for your business. Which is a further little tip that you can use in your social media marketing, to further enhance your results. Who doesn’t like a bit of a bonus from their already helpful tutorials?

If you have been looking for a way to boost your content and figure out the way to make a truly impeccable guest post, this is the infographic for you. If not, check it out anyway…it is a must see for anyone who wants to brand themselves, build authority or increase traffic.

To download your copy, please go here: The Anatomy of the Perfect Guest Post. The PDF Cheatsheet is absolutely free.

Netsuite Web Development 101 – Introduction

I have been working at a company called clickstop since September of 2010.  We are an ecommerce company which makes most of our revenue from a cargo control company, US Cargo Control – we sell anything you can think of to tie down a load.  On a truck, Semi or Lifting and Rigging equipment.  We leverage an ERP system called Netsuite, it is an all-in-one software package that handles everything from printing our checks to inventory to shipping to serving up our web pages.

That will be the focus of a small web series I intend to write.  I want to break down some of the mystery of how it does what it does.  I will discuss my frustrations and some of the things it does well.

English: Cloud Computing Image

Cloud Computing  (Wikipedia)

If you have questions – please feel free to use the contact form, and I will try to integrate them into the posts.

Netsuite is an interesting beast – it is super nice because it is an all in one solution.  But it can be a bear at time, the power is really in the ability to access most any piece of the business from within the cloud based package.

Here are the topics I plan to cover – I will link to these and add more as we go.

Netsuite Web Development:

  1. website setup
  2. website themes
  3. netsuite specific design
  4. products and product categories
  5. layouts
  6. themes
  7. netsuite & google annalytics
  8. website tips & tricks
  9. other interesting things

Please let me know if you think of more questions – this will be an interesting exercise.

More to come.

Crowdfunding Helping Small Businesses Grow

Starting your own business and sustaining it through the early stages can be difficult. Having a game-changing product or idea in mind is only part of process; you must also be able to raise the necessary funds in order to make your dreams a reality. While some entrepreneurs reach out directly to investors or apply for a loan to get money for their business, a growing trend is for aspiring businesspersons to turn to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding opens up the funding process to the public at large and offers incentives while giving the entrepreneur the necessary money to get their business off the ground.

Crowdfunding Avenues You Can Take

There are various ways that you can set up a campaign for crowdfunding in order to raise the capital you need to launch your business or advance your product development. Based on the method you choose, you will be able to entice potential donors and build up your network of contacts in the process.

  • Donation or Reward Based – This type of crowdfunding sets up an exchange system, where donors contribute to your project and receive an item that you provide. This is often used for projects that are scientific, artistic or charitable in nature and include films, video games and new products. For example, you may offer contributors of $20 to your independent film a signed cast photo when the project is completed.
  • PrePurchase Crowdfunding – The pre-purchase model promises supporters the completed item after production is complete. This is common for technical gadgets that inventors are trying to market. For example, you can promise contributors your new “underwater headphones” in exchange for their donation to your cause.
  • Equity Crowdfunding – This new type of crowdfunding is moving forward following a unanimous vote by the SEC at the end of October. Equity crowdfunding, if approved in its current format, would give any supporter the ability to purchase equity shares in a company. The SEC is currently working on guidelines for equity crowdfunding that will help spell out the rules for potential investors and entrepreneurs alike.

In addition to getting much-needed funds to further your project, crowdfunding also helps your business in a number of other ways. First of all, by engaging in open, social funding practices you connect directly with your supporters. This helps to build your brand image and create buzz surrounding your company moving forward.

Maintain Compliance with Crowdfunding

An important piece to the puzzle when it comes to crowdfunding is making sure that you are doing business with legitimate investors and clients. As crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity and new methods develop in terms of equity, being able to verify the identity of contributors helps you meet compliance regulations and deter fraud. The key is to work with crowdfunding portals or intermediaries that have a proven system in place to confirm the identity of both investors and entrepreneurs in real-time. This will make it easy to process transactions so that you can continue working on your project and take it to the next level while creating a trustworthy environment for all involved.

Written by Britni Zandbergen, Senior Director of Marketing at Idology. Britni has years of experience in identity management as well as dynamic SaaS solutions.

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