Tag Clouds are Yummy!

I love tag clouds!   I would like to see then everywhere.

Can you imagine, tag clouds at the grocery store…you go for some milk and boom – you’ve got the milk but the cloud islayed over it giving you the white vs. chocolate vs. strawberry, overlaid with Whole vs. 1% vs. 2%.  Now that would be cool.

My theory is the future of web navigation will be tag cloud like conventions.  Instead of the super tree which drills forever, you’ll get a cloud and you can drill your way in.  Hot, hot, hot.

Here is a post from Soical Media Today called “The Impact of Words: Using Tag Clouds

As I was sifting through the data over a weekend I started to see patterns in the words that were being used by respondents. Immediately I started to create columns so to count the amount of times these words were mentioned, effectively starting to build my own tag cloud. After a few hours I sat back and said to my self, “Self, don’t be a dumb-ass, there must be a way to do this automatically.” An of course, there is :TagCrowd.

So – don’t be surprised if the next time you’re looking for some cheese that they tag cloud can hook you up!