Best Chromebook 2016 – 15 Google Chromebooks

Computers are smaller and cheaper than ever – but they are still very powerful.  A few years back Google built a brand new operating system, they call it ChromeOS.  It’s perfect for most people’s computing needs and it makes the systems that run it very inexpensive.  Most go by the name Chromebook or called Google Chromebook.  (Most links will be to amazon for more product information.)



If you need a low cost computer – and most of what you do is browser the internet, check Facebook, read email and stream video – you are looking in the right place.  Here are 16 of the best Chromebooks you’ll find today.

Chromebooks come in all sizes – we will show you laptops, desktops and even small Chromestick which will connect to any TV via HDMI port.

Whatever kind of computer you need to do whatever you need to do.

Top Chromebook Choices & Chromebook Reviews:

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Which Chromebook Should I buy?

What is a Chromebook?

All computer have an operating system – it is the root software on a computer which lets it run.  The base system essentially.  The most popular operating systems include Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac OS and Linux. With the changes in the computer world, people moving their life to the cloud, an interesting offering from Google has come about called Chrome OS and is installed on laptops called Chromebooks

What is unique to the Chrome OS?

Unlike its counterparts from Microsoft, Apple and Linux, chromebook stores most everything on the cloud using the internet.  All documents and files are securely stored and retrieved from that “off site” storage.  All applications also run from the browser.

What can I use the Chromebook for?

When you think about it, the most common things the typical computer user does are – browsing the web, YouTube videos, editing a document or spreadsheet all while listening to music on Spotify or Pandora and then Facebook and casual gaming.  These tasks don’t require powerful hardware.

This is what Google has done with its Chromebooks. Google realized that the Web store, with its powerful online applications that include everything from advanced photo editing apps and 3D games to amazing office apps, is enough for the vast majority of users who simply do not need the extra bells and whistles. So, with a custom Linux based OS and Google Chrome itself, Google set out to fill a niche that practically includes every computer user in the world.

How does Chromebook work?

When switching to a Chromebook, you really only need to have access to the internet.  Applications like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop are no longer installed – but ran from the browser via the internet.  Switching can be a little hard at first – but will be advantageous in the future as all your data and files will be available to you from most any computer or your phone.  As soon as you change it on your Chromebook – it is updated (actually the same file) is available on your smart phone or tablet.  In fact – applications like Google Docs allow many people to be working on the same file at the exact same time.  Its kind of a cool mindset shift.

Can I run Chrome OS on my current PC?

No, the Chrome operating system does not run on PCs, Macs or Linux machines.  You do have to purchase a Chromebook if you want to run Chrome OS.

What else will I need to run Chrome OS?

Only internet access and a Google account.  All applications run in the browser, some do allow you to run while offline – check on the installation page to find out which ones.

How do I use the Chromebook?

The interface is very easy to use with a start “like” button at the bottom left corner. Clicking allows you to see your applications and pin them to toolbar, just like the Windows or a Mac.  The simplicity of the system makes it a very sleek and speedy experience.  On smaller Chromebooks you may notice a smaller keyboard – this is only to keep the size down, special functions may require a alt, ctrl or function key to execute.  But the experience is also streamlined to require less keys to operate the system…some of the newer Chromebooks also include a touch screen.

Where do I get Programs for the Chrome OS?

For apps and programs – use the Google Play Store.  Just like the play store you may have used with your android device, all applications are found in the chrome store. The store has many applications and games – it is different from Windows and Mac…but resembles some characteristics of Linux.

Switching to Google’s Chromebooks are not a big hassle and can really streamline the number of devices you start to carry on a day-to-day basis.