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BuddyPress WordPress chat

Image via CrunchBase Buddypress Ajax Chat is a full featured chat built specifically for Buddypress, based on AJAX chat. This is the Premium version of BuddyPress Ajax Chat meaning that there will be NO advertisements built into the chat once you tell us your domain name.

What can CT5K and Community teach us about the web?

Image by Brian Cribb via Flickr – I looked a lot like this when I was running, really! The CT5K Recently a young family friend went to the hospital because of heart issues.  Not totally uncommon among American society today – but alarming, none the less.  Shortly after I caught a Facebook update which said […]

5 Essential Traits for Community Managers

5 Essential Traits for Community Managers. Somedays I think it would be very cool to be a “community manaager”.  Other days – not so much. Community manager is the new it position in social media. To establish hardcore communities of evangelists around your brand, you need to have one. However, what makes up a successful […]

Dealing with Noise.

Seth Godin posted an article called “The Noise“: If you looked at web activity, you could rightfully assume that the web consists largely of porn, gossip, Britney Spears searches, trolls, trivia, anger, complaints, flirting and self-absorption. … What I’m encouraging you to do is to constantly readjust your balance. Figure out the difference between early […]

Forcing Community

I get so frustrated with the corporate world when the NBT (next best thing) hits their radar.  So what’s the latest and greatest NBT – “Community” and “Social Networking”.  If you look poll these at the key words at indeed (job search/metrics site) – we find “social networking” and community are on the rise. So, […]

Facebook is flopping?

A post from the Register (note – strong language) is touting Facebooks slowdown. Facebook has suffered its first drop in monthly users, according to numbers from web analytics outfit Nielsen Online. Five per cent fewer people in the UK visited the site in January compared to the previous month. A total of 400,000 seem to […]

Hiring community people

In a post on the Community Guy blog – there is an interesting discussion about hire community focused people: Question – via …well… many people over the years How do I hire a community manager? Where do I post job openings? Answer: These days, that’s the 10 million dollar question! The reason I created the […]

Pictures of Ford's are proprietary…even after you buy it!

In a post from Boing-Boing: pictures of Ford cars cannot be printed. Not just Ford logos, not just Mustang logos, the car -as a whole- is a Ford trademark and its image can’t be reproduced without permission. So even though Ford has a lineup of enthusiasts who want to show off their Ford cars, the […]

Building community – lessons learned by Orange County Choppers

My first thought when I saw this was – you’ve got to be kidding.  But after reading this post by Sam Lawrence over at Jive Talks called 5 things online community strategists can learn from American Chopper. 1. Geek out on your products in public 2. Be real 3. If it doesn’t work, build something […]

Ron Paul gets how to build community

If you watch the beginning of this video, Ron Paul explains that his fund raising efforts are not being directed by “his people” – it is a grass roots group of people working in his behalf. If we could do the same thing with newspaper and broadcast websites – we too could be champions of […]

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