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People say Facebook is dumb, but social media is a tool

Its funny how strong of an opinion people have before they even try anything…like my 10 year old.  He makes up his mind about a food before he has even tried it.  Now, I understand how people are nervous about the unknown – but seriously…at least give it a shot before you dismiss it all […]

Not content – Context is King!

Image by motionblur via Flickr If there is one thing my circle of friends (Jason, Annette, Nick and Abe) would agree that I say way too much is it’s all about the conversation – we need to engage people in a real life convo. So when I read Steve Raye’s post @ social media today, […]

Effective networking – art or science?

Image from WikipediaFrom a post today from Jonathan Farrington’s blog called “Are You Really An Effective Networker?” Networking effectiveness starts with a positive personal attitude and an understanding that successful networking is built on a spirit of giving and sharing and not of bargaining and keeping score. I love the last line in the quote […]

Forums 2.0?

Source: WikipediaI love forums – and really they have been around forever. (Pre-internet is forever you know.) But I am really frustrated that there has been very little innovation in the area. Why s that? Do they (forums) really not matter anymore? It seems like they were one of the first conversations to happen on […]

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