5 tips for better craigslist response

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My dad passed away about a year ago and he was a collector.  You’ve seem the show “Pickers”?  How about “Hoarders”?  We’re somewhere in between – unfortunately, closer to the latter.  Though this process I’ve started to become really familiar with craigslist and seen things I’ve done work and not work and thought I would share those. Here are 5 … Read More

tom5 tips for better craigslist response

Classified by any other name

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Along with keeping the day-to-day rolling in webdev this week, my task is to test out a couple of web classified apps.  We’re looking to test drive two methods – one called geodesic and then drop a couple of WordPress themes too. The hard part will be figuring out how much is “enough” to get us to the next step … Read More

tomClassified by any other name