Tips and techniques for promoting your business online

Competing in this tough world is a bit difficult but not impossible. When you are into business remember that you are competing with several thousands who have the same dream to make it big in the chosen field. Your business might be related to anything from health, technology, finance even a PPI Claim company but […]

Google Plus Photo Sharing; 4 Reasons to Look Beyond Facebook

It was bound to happen eventually. Google has been trying to develop a viable Facebook alternative for years now, and it looks as though they may have managed it. First Google Wave and then Google Buzz launched then faltered, but the recent introduction of Google Plus might provide Facebook users with an actual choice. From […]

Strip Microsoft Word junk from WordPress

How flipping annoying is building a cool website – to have every user who post content to screw it up with Comic Sans and pink, yellow and blue pasted font from Microsoft Word.  Well, brass blogs has a dirty little trick to help you strip Microsoft Word junk from WordPress posts. By cutting these vicious […]

WordPress Jetpack first impressions

I have to say – my first impression’s of WordPress Jetpack are very positive.  If nothing more than to give a very nice update to “ Stats” and use of “After the Deadline” it is worth the install. Here is what the plugin includes: Stats – Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on […]