The Essential Rules Of Social Media and Online Marketing

When you create social media accounts, you open new venues for interaction with your target customers. At the same time, you also open your doors for detractors, irate customers, and critics. So you see, as much as social media can help boost PR for SMEs, it can also give you a lot of headache. Here are some simple rules of social media and examples of protocols you can implement for your social media and blog […]


The Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting

As e-commerce businesses have increased over the last several years, so has the demand they have to store data. Initially, the only option available to them was to store it in-house on the company’s own server. In recent years, another option, called cloud hosting, has become very popular. There are several advantages to using this type of system, though there are also some issues associated with it. Advantages of Cloud Hosting Scalability – One of […]


5 Places Online Your Marketing Copy Shouldn’t Suck

It really doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Your marketing strategy is what matters, especially content marketing. Exceptional content marketing is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy.The life of your business relies on written content to: Create and maintain a strong online presence Build your brand Communicate with stakeholders Improve conversion rates With this much riding on content, you cannot afford to skimp on the quality of the written word when it comes to your […]


Panda, Penguin, Now Zebra? Here’s What You Need To Know…

It is no secret that Google is releasing updates that are designed to return their search engine results to relevance. While many people in the SEO industry believe this is a plan by Google to completely thwart SEO as a marketing tool, this is not actually the truth. While SEO has definitely been impacted by Panda and the other updates, it is far from dead. There are people who will still cry out the death […]


5 Outrageous On-Page Black Hat SEO Tactics

Using black hat SEO tactics is the same as turning to the dark side in SEO. Black hat SEO tactics will trump all white-hat tactics, and if you employ these, your page will probably not get ranked by Google. You may get away with these tactics for a short while, but when Google finds out you have joined forces with Vader, you’ll be penalized On-Page and Off-Page The difference between on and off-page SEO tactics […]

6 Tips To Write An Attractive Email for a Better Response

Email is a dicey mode of communication if you are sending it expecting a reply or an acknowledgement. Have you ever tried sending an email as a part of a campaign or some sort of massive awareness program and got subjected to a cold or no response? If yes, this article might be of good use to you to learn how to email for a better response. Tip #1: Use catchy subjects and sub-headings for […]


Sometimes Smart People Do Stupid Things – LinkedIn Mistakes

Normally, this would be me telling a story about a stupid thing that I did. But, this time it’s a story of a guy I never met, asking me for a “favor”, via a medium he didn’t understand. It starts with me getting a message from a guy via LinkedIn, check out another LinkedIn Mistakes. Although he was from my town, (Solon, Iowa – a small town in rural Iowa) we had never met. Yet, he […]


Prevent Malware Hackers – 4 Tips for Protecting Your Website

American inventor Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” While this is a wonderful, positive outlook to have about most things in life, it is a sad fact that hackers often have the same positive attitude. If they can’t hack into a computer, this time, they’re positive that they will eventually find a way that works. And if you aren’t prepared, then your computer might be […]

The Clickstop Wires API

ClickStop Wires – Building a mini Data API for ecommerce

What to do when you need more versatile data from your web application – but they are just not keeping up with modern web development? Where I work (US Cargo Control – a division of ClickStop) we use an all-in-one system called Netsuite.  I’m not very happy with it, but my job is web development…and that is the worst feature of Netsuite.  The software controls all of our company, including: accounting, inventory, purchasing, merchandising, human resources, CRM and […]

VOIP Parts

Build a VOIP Phone System for $167.69 – VOIP on the Cheap

I’m a web guy for an an ecommerce company in Iowa, and we got hit by hurricane Sandy.  Not physically – but virtually.  The big storm that hit America’s East Coast also took out a huge part of our business in Iowa…How you ask?  Our phone system. Our internet service is via a provider which supplies much of Iowa with service – netINS or Iowa Network Solutions (we go through a local co-op, but the main system comes […]

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