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Tips and techniques for promoting your business online

Competing in this tough world is a bit difficult but not impossible. When you are into business remember that you are competing with several thousands who have the same dream to make it big in the chosen field. Your business might be related to anything from health, technology, finance even a PPI Claim company but […]

Facebook Advertising 101

Want to expand into Facebook?  Facebook has several different types of advertising, and each is idiosyncratic.  Here is a brief overview: Standard External URL Ads These are the kind of thing most people associate with the term “Facebook Ads.” They are external links to your website, introduced by a title, some text, and a 110 […]

What Do Facebook Promoted Posts Mean for Your Business?

When people discuss the recent changes to Facebook, it’s easy to forget that the most significant change to the popular social networking site is that the owners are a lot more serious about making money. One of the ways they’ve devised to make money is through the facebook promoted posts feature. Facebook Promoted Posts – What […]

Using Social Media for SEO

Using social media for seo is a relatively new entry into the world of internet. Facebook has not eve complete a decade of existence and Google+ is less than a year old. However, you cannot deny the importance of social media platforms in the modern day online world. Social media influences the search engine rankings […]

Social Media Etiquette for Beginners

There are a set of etiquettes everyone has to follow in a society. There are etiquettes to be followed in an office, in a formal party, in a college and now there are a few etiquettes to be followed in social media too! It might sound a phony for some people, but it is true. […]

Google Plus Photo Sharing; 4 Reasons to Look Beyond Facebook

It was bound to happen eventually. Google has been trying to develop a viable Facebook alternative for years now, and it looks as though they may have managed it. First Google Wave and then Google Buzz launched then faltered, but the recent introduction of Google Plus might provide Facebook users with an actual choice. From […]

People say Facebook is dumb, but social media is a tool

Its funny how strong of an opinion people have before they even try anything…like my 10 year old.  He makes up his mind about a food before he has even tried it.  Now, I understand how people are nervous about the unknown – but seriously…at least give it a shot before you dismiss it all […]

Using Thumbnails to GRAB Attention on Facebook and Twitter

Everyone likes the word free, especially when it comes to advertising. Driving traffic to a site usually takes considerable time and effort. Finding a way to almost effortlessly, generate additional traffic is an exciting idea. :) One easy way to generate more traffic was right in front of me the entire time. Banners are a […]

Strip Microsoft Word junk from WordPress

How flipping annoying is building a cool website – to have every user who post content to screw it up with Comic Sans and pink, yellow and blue pasted font from Microsoft Word.  Well, brass blogs has a dirty little trick to help you strip Microsoft Word junk from WordPress posts. By cutting these vicious […]

WordPress Jetpack first impressions

I have to say – my first impression’s of WordPress Jetpack are very positive.  If nothing more than to give a very nice update to “WordPress.com Stats” and use of “After the Deadline” it is worth the install. Here is what the plugin includes: WordPress.com Stats – Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on […]

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