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Google calculator as been supersized

I’ve been using Google calculator a long time.  It used to just show you the equation like this: 35000*20 = 700000 But now they have a cool built in ajax calculator now. You can still put the equation in search, but it will pop into this.  

SEO Test: Does Google look at more than the H1 tag?

UPDATE: 2012/07/10 Check it out below.   Well – here we are again, we have a new test to look at. This time we are looking at the effects of strict HTML on the way Google measures a page. The essential question of does Google look at more than the H1 tag when analyzing a […]

Watch Out – Some SEO Blunders You Can Make For Your Website

In the Know: Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is the practice of making web pages that will be placed high in the results page of a search engine such as Google. In order to achieve a high ranking, web developers and admins use various tools and techniques in optimizing their website. Getting a high […]

Google’s Recent Updates Create Concern in the SEO Industry

Google is known for regularly tweaking and updating its search algorithm. Most of these changes do not really get the attention of an average user. However, the past few months have witnessed two big updates, whose effects are resonating throughout the online world. These changes have caused web rankings of some legitimate businesses to drop, […]

SEO Test: Does keyword position matter to Google?

It came up again today at work (Clickstop) where we had a SEO discussion about different SEO Tests, this time it was the idea of “Does keyword position matter to Google?”.  Basically – does it really matter what position on the page your keyword shows up? Here’s the idea: Assumptions: Same keyword for each page […]

SEO Term: What Is PageRank?

Google itself doesn’t provide really good information about what is PageRank, but there hundreds if not thousands of articles written about it by SEOs, webmasters and other specialist. In this article I will cover all the essential facts and myths about Google RageRank in a digestible way, so people with any background can pick up […]

The Organic Search Benefits to Social Media {Infographic}

Social media activity may help improve your general popularity, but can it also help with your placement on search engine giant Google? A study and infographic by search engine marketing company TastyPlacement suggests that such activity can boost your Google rankings and give benefits to social media campains. TastyPlacement’s research involved a study of six […]

Google: Behind the Numbers – {Infographic}

Did you know that Google makes more money per year than over twenty of the poorest countries in the world combined? Most of this money comes from relentless advertising and not from the various services Google offers. Google’s AdWords program offers a myriad of products and some of them have landed Google in legal trouble. […]

Using Social Media for SEO

Using social media for seo is a relatively new entry into the world of internet. Facebook has not eve complete a decade of existence and Google+ is less than a year old. However, you cannot deny the importance of social media platforms in the modern day online world. Social media influences the search engine rankings […]

SEO 101: What the layman needs to know

In the SEO industry, we take it for granted that everyone understands how the search engines present information – and that some ads are sponsored. But what about people who aren’t “in the know” and don’t understand? SEO 101: Here’s a great guide to things the layman needs to know about SEO, getting start optimizing their site […]

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