Google goes live with StreetView Ads

This is brilliant.  Just like many of the video game makers ahve been doing for a while.

This patent, which was originally filed on July 7, 2008, describes a new system for promoting ads in online mapping applications. In this patent, Google describes // <![CDATA[// how it plans to identify buildings, posters, signs and billboards in these images and give advertisers the ability to replace these images with more up-to-date ads. In addition, Google also seems to plan an advertising auction for unclaimed properties.

Check it out over at Red Write Web

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How fast is your site?

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How fast is your site?

This is a very timely article, as today our network guy gave a me a call to warn me our website’s error log was out-of-control.  The caching plugin we were using was haywire.  I had to turn off the page level caching to slow the bleeding.  That increased our page load times and Tim said, and I quote, “this is getting so slow – page load times are almost 3 seconds.:

WHAT – 3 seconds.  Seriously – but he is right.  We need to get pages loading as fast as possible…and now.

Here is a tool for you:

We’ve just launched Site Performance, an experimental feature in Webmaster Tools that shows you information about the speed of your site and suggestions for making it faster.

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The Google Phone "Is a Certainty"

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I’m just saying – you mix WiMax with a Google phone (or even a iPod Touch that lets you do some VOIP) and you can kiss hat cell phone bill goodbye.  What if Verizon got off their backside and just hooked us up with a way to add a cell card to these…anyway a Google phone:

And by “Google Phone” we don’t simply mean another Android handset. We’re talking about Google-branded hardware running a version of Android we haven’t yet seen.

The Google Phone “Is a Certainty”

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New Google Calendar Features

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I’ve said for a while now that the biggets reason Outlook has not crubled in a pile of internal-server-based junk mail is the calendar.  It’s just hard to beat, replicate and substitute.

Google is trying, not winning yet…but trying.

“We’re working a new feature that makes it easier to schedule events with guests. The new event page will include a calendar right next to your guest list, so you can see when people are free,” explains Google.

This is a good first step.  Step 2 – figure out a way to let people share locations.  Then they can do group scheduling of people and places.

Google Calendar Sneek Peek

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Google Maps Finally Ready to Tell You "What's Here" for Any Point on a Map… Almost

Google Maps Finally Ready to Tell You “What’s Here” for Any Point on a Map… Almost.

Attention media companies – please make sure to encode geo locations with your new stories.  Everyone in the world would like to mash them up for you.

Thank you.