Keyword in H1 – FAQ

The H1 tag is an HTML tag which is is used for “headers” – hence the “h”.

H1 Tag Example:

<h1>This is the best page.</h1>

H1 Tag Best Practices:

There should be one (1) and only one <h1> tag on a given webpage.  More than one, Google and other search engines will throw out your page as search SPAM.  Less than one, well – that is just not a very smart thing to do.  But either way – you must use the keyword in H1.

h1 tag

H1 Do’s:

  • Do make sure your keyword is in the H1 tag.  This is important…do not miss this step, ultimately important for SEO.
  • Do NOT have more than one H1 on a page.

What does it do?

The H1 tag is the engine of the page.  It is the place search engines go to verify the keyword it finds in the title tag.  When it finds it – it sets off through the page to see what it finds.From an SEO perspective, it is the second most important tag.

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SEO Test: Does Google look at more than the H1 tag?

UPDATE: 2012/07/10

Check it out below.


Well – here we are again, we have a new test to look at. This time we are looking at the effects of strict HTML on the way Google measures a page.

The essential question of does Google look at more than the H1 tag when analyzing a page?

The theory is – if we have a page with just an H1 and no content – does Google care?  We know that Google is getting very good at more complicated HTML and javascript pages – but how deep are they doing to determine the SEO focus of any given page?

We also know the importance of good headings in regards to SEO.  SEO is dependent on the heading tags.

So we setup 2 keywords and 3 pages each.

The first page is a keyword in the H1, but no content.  Page two is keyword in the H1, but non-related words as content.  The finally – we have keyword in H1, and keyword once in the content.

Then we  replicated the entire thing again with an additional keyword…

OK – check back and let us know what your guess on the results in the comments.

Keyword 1: freatwqakhy (
Keyowrd 2: vihnjkyelyot (

Keyword 1 samples:

Keyword 2 samples:

Tom’s Guess:

My guess is the sample 1 is crap and will get shunned, sample 2 will will and sample 2 will still get indexed – but behind 3.  I think Google is looking – but not that much.

Basically I think, “does Google look at more than the H1 tag” – no.  They talk a big game, but in the end still reply on very few ranking signals…we will soon see.

So – does Google look at more than the H1 tag?

Answers to come…

Updated 2012/07/10

We have an update – the initial results are in and more seems to be better.

Here is the results after 2-3 days.

Same thing here – after 2-3 days of being in the wild.

We may have to devise another test – my fear is we have more keywords on the page so it may increase frequency.