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Is the Internet Turning People into Recluses?

Do you ever feel guilty about the amount of time you spend at your computer each day? Do you feel bad that you have wasted an hour watching videos on YouTube or tweeting instead of doing something worthwhile? Do you sometimes feel that you are frittering away your life looking at other people’s profiles on […]

What Could Be Keeping Your Business From Growing?

Do you often find yourself confused, frustrated and in overwhelm? I know what that’s like. Been there, done that! We were talking with our mentor just the other day and my husband and I told him we’d come to the conclusion that WE were the reason our business wasn’t growing.  You see, not only were […]

Affiliate Marketing – Week 2: ‘OK, this is hard’

I chose a “dark” photo which shows some degree of failure – but also hope…this is a perfect description of my second week in affiliate marketing. You may have read one of my first two affiliate marketing posts – last week I publicly announced my intent to become a successful affiliate marketer.  As I do this – my plan […]

Affiliate Marketing – Day 2

Nothing like changing the game plan  on day two…but that is how I roll.  I want to be an affiliate marketing guy, but I don’t want to learn a whole new system. After reviewing the BANS plan from yesterday – it looked great.  But it was missing one element I really needed wanted, WordPress.  I […]

How I started in Affiliate Marketing

I really hope this is the question that someone will ask me a couple years from now – hey Tom, “how did you get started in affiliate marketing?”  Truth is, I have been thinking and wondering about affiliate marketing for a long time.  I just never took the plunge. Since starting my job at Clickstop, […]

Why TV Lost

Why TV Lost. “About twenty years ago people noticed computers and TV were on a collision course and started to speculate about what they’d produce when they converged. We now know the answer: computers. It’s clear now that even by using the word “convergence” we were giving TV too much credit. This won’t be convergence […]

Google loses and gains in WiFi arena

I was very disappointed that Google didn’t try a little harder when it came to going after the 700Mhz by the FCC.  (It turns out that Verizon won the opportunity) Then this story pops up on the New York Times and talks about Google going an alternative way: Google, the Internet search engine company, released […]

Yahoo! Debuts Real Estate Portal

The Web giant has announced the launch of a new website, dubbed Yahoo! Real Estate, which, if one cannot divine is purpose from its title, is where big-name realtors and independent, for-sale-by-owner types alike can go to display their A-frames and McMansions to be considered as new homes for those with better credit and way […]

Study: Ads in online shows work better than ads on TV

Interesting post at arstechnica “Study: Ads in online shows work better than ads on TV“: Good news for TV networks: online ads work. As TV shows continue their lengthy migration onto the web, new research finds that the people watching those shows actually pay more attention to both advertising and content when they watch online. I know […]

Internet TV: 2007 Year in Review

ReadWriteWeb has a great post about internet video in 2007: From YouTube’s continued dominance, the television networks’ newfound willingness to experiment online, the rise of the desktop Internet TV application, and a number of new PC-to-TV devices and set-top boxes — it’s been a big year for Internet TV in all shapes and forms. In […]

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